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  1. Have to say Tool it looks great White has really gotten better for sure....
  2. I see a lot of UFR's have some mad design skills all ways a plus.....
  3. Haven't been here in well forever but things have changed for sure. So how has every one been? It looks like I might be finally getting back into gaming maybe!!!! Hope some old friends still linger this site hit me up if ya do.
  4. Try a s-video cable for video and also sound if you have a head phone jack on the TV and a headphone jack on the notebook hook ""those up with and you should be good. You may have to play with your audio settings in your T.V. menu.
  5. Here Prane check this out and its less then $700.00 bucks. Iv built by own pc as well and I only spent $400.00, but its been a few years and I have upgraded the HD to a 1TB and also upgraded my GFX card witch is a great thing about desktops and it does what I need it to do. As far as programs like Office 2007 you will have to buy or find some other places to get it. Also Im running Windows 7 and I half to say it's like having XP on steroids I love it. So I hope this helps and like I said this it specs for a gaming machine, but will do all the things you listed. The Lay Down: A. Rosewil
  6. So I had some free time today and came up with this for you Slipknot fans. Joey Jordison Drummer for Slipknot with his Magic Sticks....
  7. Thats cool Tool Just thought Id give some insight. I for one never looked much into the pads as I just never found a use for it because their are so many tools out there you can use like free brush tools for shapes etc. If you do throw down on a pad let me know what you like and what you dont like about it for doing the shapes.
  8. If you master the pen tool you wont need the pad. Unless your using it for interface work....
  9. Ya when people stop adding to it will call it finished. I still see a lot that can be done with it like some shading on the black etc. Once its finished I might code it to be a flash mp3 player for everyone that threw down on it and who ever whats the files can post. You guys have some skills keep it up.
  10. Nice shading Neoblackhound looking good guys.....
  11. Well you can take as far as any one whats to go with it. Look at the first image I posted were people added shading, effects like the electricity coming out the bottom etc. The one we have going now is starting to take shape and is starting to look like something. Id say start adding to it or seeing if you cant git ride of the hard edges or adding effects theirs really is no boundarys with it as like I said before it something fun to do.
  12. Cool Nemesis you going to add something? Edited
  13. All right Im done...