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  1. Looks like great minds think alike. I'm doing two beer can chickens today myself. I rubbed one with a Dizzy Pig rub called Shakin' the Tree and the other with Rendezvous (dry rub from Memphis). I'm using a Busch Light for one and a Select 55 for the other. Both have 5-6 cloves of garlic in them. I'll put them on the BGE for approximately 2 hours at 350°-375° and I'll spritz them every 15 minutes with a beer, evoo, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice mix. I'm using hickory wood chunks for the smoke. Here's the before picture. I'll post during and after pictures as they progress.
  2. I was in Best Buy today buying a PS3 for my boy. I got on the subject of having my PS3 since the day they first released. The guy starts telling me that my PS3, in good working condition, is worth $600-$700. Then he tells me even if it's broke they're selling for $200. Anyone know this to be true or false?
  3. Peebrain


    I know soccer isn't super huge in the US, let alone women's soccer, but did anyone see the game today against Brazil??? Holy shit, one of the best games I've ever seen, men or women. Better then Donovans goal against Solvenia in stoppage time. Playing a woman down, for almost an hour and trailing by a goal to Brazil for almost 30 minutes. You can't write a script any better. Next game is Wednesday at 11:30 est against France in the semi-finals. p.s. I love Hope Solo's "I wanna fuck you face" after she makes a ridiculous stop. God I'm in love.
  4. I try my best sometimes to control my anger but sometimes crap happens and all of a sudden it's 0 to 60. I'm walking into the grocery store today and get close to the entrance and this truck come flying and doesn't make any attempt to slow up. I had to hurry to get out of the way. He then stops at the entrance of the store because he's picking up someone. I had gestered to him after he scared the crap out of me. So I walk by his truck on the way into the store. And I say what the hell you almost hit me. He rolls down his down his window and says "I wasn't going to hit you fat boy" so I tell him to fuck off and I walk inside." my blood pressure is like pumping so I try and calm down. I just needed a few items. Walk back outside and the fuckers still out there running his mouth to his family. I try to avoid but he gestures my way. So I give him a piece of my mind. "you almost hit me and you insult me?" His wife is the one who apologized to me. But he was still running his mouth. Moral to the story as i sit here I know i could have avoided by just walking away or ignoring the issue. Also it's about 102 degrees today and I was in the heat all day. I just hate getting that angry at people. When I calm down I wish I hadn't gotten so mad. But anyways just needed to air it out.
  5. We are doing our party today, so people can sober up 2moro and get ready for work. Was planning to do whole pig but not enough are showing up. So I have a 14lbs brisket and 2 whole chickens on the smoker. Photos to come.
  6. I did not even realize your birthday was today... Would have said HB last night in the meeting...
  7. So I logged in today and I see that I have a friends request from hgielik. I don't know who this person is, but in their request they said they were from UF and that I was starting a new clan. This was surprising news to me because I am in fact NOT starting a new clan and don't intend to even leave *L*P*K*. So I was curious if anyone knows this person or even recognizes their name? If not, you guys/gals should at least be on the lookout because we don't need any rumors starting about clans breaking up or people leaving, etc...
  8. came across this today. rockstar is offering GTA1 and 2 for free. not sure if any of you played these, they were pc only as far as I know and they were in 2d, overhead view. still fun. I'm downloading them as I type this. http://www.rockstargames.com/classics/
  9. I found one of these today. It's going up on EBay tomorrow night. http://www.ShelbysOnline.com
  10. We got a daushand puppy last Feb. He is about 5 months old. Wednesday I take him into the vet to get his shots etc. The next day he started feeling bad, not eating, diarrhea, and throwing up. All of my past dogs usually were kind of sickly after getting shots. But this dog kept feeling sick even today. So I took him back to the vet and he now has parvovirus. And they are keeping him to get an IV in him and antibiotics. Which sucks on a couple of reasons. I took him up there for shots to prevent parvovirus. He got shots for it and now he has it. Also he was perfectly fine before hand. Little frisky excited dog. And also this dog replaced a dog I had to have put to sleep in January.
  11. My 02 sentra shut down today but I got it to work again. I have a question about low coolant level shuting of my fuel pump relay. Does this happen and is that what fixed my car? It was really low on coolant. I also cleared the codes it threw up once I got it running again. Experts please chime in.
  12. Never had a cell phone before so this is new to me. I'm out at garage sales today and while I'm researching stuff on my iPhone I keep hitting peoples wi-fi's. Some were blocked but many were not. It it a good thing to jump on someones connection? Do they know when I do? Can they stop it like disconnect me? Seems at times I would lose connections a few times. Don't know if it was them or me.
  13. Just copy and past this code: <iframe src="http://blip.tv/play/h5l4ArHgEA.html" width="650" height="400" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://a.blip.tv/api.swf#h5l4ArHgEA" style="display:none"></embed> And place it on your site.
  14. There was supposed to be a patch today or at launch. And I was under the impression that they were patching in the Party System. I re-listened to the podcast last night and they say we were going to have the party system at launch. The 1.03 patch I thought was done in the beta. I'm so sick of waiting... that's all I do with Zipper games is wait... I might get run over by something before they get the patches all done.
  15. So I decided to take apart my laptop today and give it a good blow job... get your mind out of the gutter! lol Anywho, I got sick of hearing my fan run at high speeds while the system was basically idling. I decided to see what the temperatures on the CPU were in a before/after scenario. Before Average temp at idle: 75 *C Average fan speed: 5000 rpm Average temp at max load: 85 *C Average fan speed: 6000 rpm After Average temp at idle: 67*C Average fan speed: 3700 rpm Average temp at max load: 75 *C Average fan speed: 5000 rpm Isn't it amazing what a little dust can do to your computer... This makes me want to go blow out my PS3 so it doesn't YLOD!
  16. Ok you Drunken fools Time to drink Green Beer and Irish whisky ! Because everyone can be Irish today ! Good thing wars are not held today ( well not the Blow Out wars ). God Bless The Irish And Happy St Paddy's Day !
  17. So I logged on today and went to the PSN store to buy the new map pack, but my PSN store isn't working properly. It would think it's in the store, but nothing shows up. All I see is my background. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem, or if it's just me?
  18. All i can say is im excited to see what you guys have in store for the community. I will be waiting
  19. Hey wheres our euros at i kno i saw aj today on cod but wheres the rest of us? u guys still around?
  20. Im at work right now been here since noon. Ill probably be staying the night and working all day tomorrow. The only good thing is I get 12 hours of double overtime. Anyone else getting hit today?
  21. I need one more wand and movement controller. Will pay today if someone can ship it out...I know a few of you don't use yours, and my wife demands I find this for my kids. Thanks in advance.
  22. I've had reports from someone in VR stating that their was an update....but the more I think about it I think he may not have had the first one due to his house getting robbed....so can anyone verify for me a new patch?
  23. I have a small lab due today and I am stuck on a few methods. If someone has some knowledge I would appreciate it. My AIM is The U Matty2D
  24. apparently ps3 and xbox patches are out today... won't get mine until later on. if you do happen to install sometime today, please post up anything that has changed noticably, and what platform you are on.

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