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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
  2. Thank you. Do you know if you have to have the online XboX Live membership to play Kinect gams?
  3. Saw this movie last night. If you're a fan of the first movie you'll love this one. Well done. The chemistry between Law and Downey is great. The action scenes are well shot. And of course if you try to figure it out like I do you'll find yourself so wrapped up in the movie you'll miss the majority of the clues. I saw this movie in D-Box. If you have the ability to do it it's well worth the money. The fight scenes on a D-Box seat are crazy.
  4. I saw the preview last night at the new Sherlock Holmes and thought the same thing. Not sure why they wouldn't be in it. Wonder if their plan was to introduce new characters in each installment while limiting the return characters? I like The Rock and Bruce Willis but not sure how Bruce Willis is going to fit into this though. Hopefully it's a great movie.
  5. I'm looking to pick one up for the family and I've read several different opinions on which one is better. But I wanted to ask the XboX guys which one they thought would be the best. It's primary use will be for the Kinect. All games will be played directly from the disc so no need to save them to the hard drive. What are your thoughts? 4GB or 250GB? Thanks!!!
  6. Oh man!!! That's crossing the line. First the movie and now spray on abs? I don't think I can hear anymore. If I hadn't already seen the kick ass smoking you can do I'd wonder about you.
  7. Your MAN CARD has just been revoked!!
  8. Congratulations Critikil. Looks great. A concept like this gives birth to a whole new level of clan dynamics.
  9. LOL How many different ways are there to possibly make a warehouse? This guy took time to actually record and load a video of a recycled warehouse. So the floor plan is the same. I'm sure it's not the only one. I'm sure they used the same trees from past titles too. As Irish said it wasn't broke so there was no need to reinvent it. They made a few tweaks to freshen it up and I like it. I like the Attack and Support kill streaks. I like XP screen showing both rank and gun XP points. I like the new weapon set ups, perk set ups, and over all feel of the game. Bottom line: I paid $60 and got a complete game that I'll still be able to play 12 months after it's release. Down side: Readjusting my eyes to first person shooter game after 6+ months off. Freaking headaches and motion sickness (I'm old). And the douche bags who can't stop complaining about how the guys who don't play the way they play are trash. A camper complains about the run and gunners and the run and gunner complains about the camper. LOL Two, sore, thumbs up from me.
  10. You guys get all the cool toys. Still love the realness of simunitions though.
  11. Welcome to Urgent Fury [5].

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