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  1. I was thinking of starting to invest into some stocks, but I don't have a clue where to start. Now before I start throwing money around I wanted to learn about the market and what certain terms mean when I see them. I am going to do my own research, but wanted to know if any of you guys knew of a good book, I could read to get me started "Investing Stocks For Dummies" or had any tips for a rookie like myself. I am serious about this and really want to do it just need a lil help getting started. Thanks!
  2. Slap me around and call me silly, but what is this?
  3. Only thing that SUCKS about this that they don't have some of the same games! I guess I would not playing COD with some frinds, but what about SOCOM!!
  4. No need for that because we voted to have u kicked out the clan and you lost, but on a good note you got 1 vote to keep ya!
  5. It says everybody gets a turn lol LMAO!!
  6. Yeah we know its just a temp site for a month or 2 for now and you can't complain on whats given to ya for free :-[
  7. I am sorry Apoc, but its www.jykgotgame.NET now
  8. It's my old players coming back home now that I have a lil bit more time to lead again. remember I had to drop out of Chosin because I lost a few players....well now they are back lol, but yeah we need some more guys to pull some shifts here at the JunkYard!
  9. Like I told you 2 weeks ago when u tried out we don't want ya lol
  10. This is just for those who are NOT sure about where their clan is going or just want to try out something new. Now due to the respect of the other clans here I will allow you to attend this meeting with your clan tags, but if you decide JyK is for you MUST drop your current TAGS for your tryout. We need to fill a bunch of spots so if you want to bring some buds with ya that's fine also, but JyK is targeting UF members, so we don't have to break down the rules of UF all over again! The meeting will take place on SOCOM at 9pm EST. Admins if you would like to sit in to see the direction JyK is heading that's fine also! Just hit me up with a PSN request I should be on all day long!! Thanks and hope to see some new faces there!
  11. So today I was playing some SOCOM, and I was sucking ass with these new maps and some guy was tearing me a new ass hole because I sucked so bad and out of nowhere some guy was like "Dude chill out and lay off King" and I am thinking wow who the hell is this hero sticking up for me and come to find out its one of the guys from [cKs] and the funny thing is I did not know who [cKs] was until a few maps later when one of the guys again from [cKs] was telling a clan to come over to UF and so on and so on, but we went on to play a ton of games together and was kicking ass! The moral of the story is that this is a great community we have here, and you know it's great when you can go into a room and have a clan stick up for you just because we game at the same place! Thanks again [cKs] Ohh BTW I am typing this as we are playing lol
  12. Some will forget and some not, some will forgive and some will look down on you forever, but as long as you learned from ya mistake continue to move forward and just think twice next time. Good Luck buddy!
  13. LoL you are so right because for there to be Good Guys there has to be some Bad Guys!
  14. Well lets see here would JyK be the only clan to break rules here ay UF hmmm nope!! Did Chosin have clans breaking rules? And every tourney we have played in I have been the rep and finished them all lol
  15. We never left just had to sit this one out at the last second and as far as them [ U ] guys welll ya know.........
  16. I want to start this thread with congratulations to [ U ] as you guys have done it again and brought home another championship and its great to be back 2 back champs! With that out the way as you all know D_Dubya has joined the JyK force, and I like to call it "The Graveyard meets the JunkYard" but what most of you do not know is that he will be my right hand man as I have been through many of these over my years here at UF, and I hope this is my final stop with him. Over the years JyK has been a talented clan, but lacked a solid leadership foundation and with Dub, I hope we have that now. We plan to sign up to the next tourney here at UF and can't wait for the next Tac Map where we have always finished very high in them. Not only did I want to introduce Dub as my right hand man along with KDR (Knowurdamroll) I wanted to announce that we are seeking active players. Recruiting at this time basically SUCKS because everybody has a clan, but you can look us up at our new home @ www.jykgotgame.NET its not .COM anymore. We can't wait for MAG, but we will try to rock the house on COD! See you guys soon! KJ
  17. Good Point! I am sure she did not just wake up 1 day and say "Today I am the Mayor ohh and BTW no more foot chases!"
  18. LoL you dont enter ya PIN wrong 3 or 4 times! She was doing about 90 and I am not sure why he doors were unlocked but I could see her look at her door and push something and u could see her locks go down and as far as my driving I was aware of how far the car was in front of me and the other cars in the other lanes. I was not looking that long!
  19. Ok today was a bad day for me and I find myself just angry, but after I got home I sat down and thought to myself, do I have every reason to be mad? #1 I was at the ATM and there was one person ahead of me and usually it takes a person less than 5 minutes to make a withdraw, but OMG this guy was taking forever! So, this guy was pushing button after button and wasted so much of my time only to walk away without getting a damn dime out the bank! #2 So I was driving on the freeway doing about 90mph and I look over to my left and I see this lady doing about 90mph also and I was not sure if she was trying to race me then BAM click! The freaking lady locked her doors lmao the first thing I thought was "what the hell can I do to her at 90mph on the freeway" I messed around and missed my exit because I wanted to catch back up with her just to give her the finger! Do I have a right to be mad or do I have anger issues?