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Found 11 results

  1. So i signed up for TheTester. I havnt noticed another topic regarding votes and what not.. but I guess i will be the first to post my account and beg for votes! lol Anyways i would imagine others will post links for UF votes here too.. it would be sweet if one of our UF people was reppin on the show!


    Anyone remember this show? I was a kid when it was popular, so I would imagine you would have to be your 30's or older to remember. Well they are remaking it. Looks kinda interesting. On a side note. If your a fan of Lost, I'm guessing Julia is officially dead, after viewing this clip.
  3. OMFG! Can you imagine this nutcase as some poor towns mayor?!!
  4. What's up to everyone here in the UF community. Just thought I'd stop through to see how everyone is doing. Shout outs to iLL, LPK, APC, SHO, and everyone else we got a chance to play with in Crucible 1. I'd imagine a lot more has happened since the finish of that tournament. I hope to see you all in Socom, peace! Oh, and Anyone who is looking for a nice active Madden league, hit me up.
  5. looks pretty cool, imagine if socom had this
  6. Guest

    Anyone have a helio?

    I just got one i got the HElio Ocean and its nothing short of Amazing, take the sidekck 3 imagine what 4 would be like, take that up another generation and you have the Helio Ocean....Im very pleased check it out at its real cool.
  7. I know its been out for awhile... But damn that game is sick! (In a good way). If you liked God of War- You will love this game. Imagine god of war, only with better game play, graphics and a hot babe instead of an old bald guy. OWNAGE.
  8. thus far has been exciting and crazy and we're only a week into it. I cant imagine how intense it will get as the weeks roll on and the wars become even more insane with people throwing everything they have at everyone to stay alive. I'm glad I am able to play in this tourney and that I wish (if it didn't happen) that when Socom 2 was the big game in town these guys had been around to make that game this much better. Not to kiss any ass or anything but thanks for coming up with this thing and lets keep it exciting and fun! -[101]Detroitfan
  9. man w/ less the 15 min left.. i can just feel the anxiety kickin in.. hoping we got in.. i cant imagine what pro sports ppl feel like right before drafts... lol
  10. so i have been checking them out.. and sure beats the logitech kb price of $70.. just dont know how comfortable it would be.. i cant imagine it would be any worse then text msging on your phone? ? any info would be sweet...
  11. Guest

    Vehicle question

    I checked the rules for UF Black and couldn't find it anywhere so here goes... When a vehicle is in a map, like the boat on Waterworks. Is the use of the grenade launcher allowed? What about the turrets, I imagine they would be. Thanks for your help... -[syN] Skipper