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  1. What's up been a long while. Who still trolls these forums? How's things been?
  2. Hello guys long time no see lol. Thoughts on rebuilding communities and overhauling things is this you want to attract people in 3 seconds or less. Now a days kids and people in general have attention spans of around 3 seconds, test it for yourself. Look at say instagram how long do you typically look at a picture? A few seconds right? Well thats pretty much how it is now a days you either catch someone fast or they are bored and move on. Not only that people don't have the patience to surf around anymore, they like info right when they want it, they want instant gratification. Gaming has bec
  3. Bf4 and watch dogs only ones I really want. Killzone3 disappointed me so ill bout 4. i really want to play destiny
  4. I'm dropping money on Ps4 and getting day1 honestly ill just stick to BF3 and BO2 till then because I expect alot of the games to hit on PS4. As of now I'm pretty much not buying anything on Ps3 until more info is out on launch titles for ps4
  5. Honestly I don't want to but anything for ps3 anymore lol. I'm like what's the point now?
  6. Good bye and good luck dude. I'll always remember the first time you said my First clans name T-H-I-Z-Z back in Crucible haha. Much respect to your work. ...In the world where I once existed.
  7. A donate to enter raffle? Every donation get's you a raffle ticket? Fantasy pick em? Everyone that enters pays a 5 dollar fee. Each week every entrant picks the teams that they think will win the games and the one with the most correct wins gets a % of the money? Like 20$.
  8. This looked so Bad ass!!! Big boss! ...In the world where I once existed.
  9. It was so epic haha. Yea Red I was star struck haha ...In the world where I once existed.
  10. Reason I didn't play last night. I got to bowl with Tramaine Brock, Chris Culliver, Perrish Cox, Trenton Robinson, Carlos Rodgers and a few other players of the 49ers. Here's a pick of me(taking the pick) and my boy taking on TB and TR haha. Later I teamed with TB against my boy and another player. All in all it was epic they where so down to earth and cool. They took picks and signed autographs talked to us. We sang happy birthday because it was TB's bday. We had an entire private bowling area to ourselves. They even gave the contest winners tickets to next Thursdays game. I am still
  11. More detail in the BF3 area
  12. Sony seems to be on the decline ever since I saw them laying people off even before that. Honestly they are becoming mediocre as hell. Seeing this is sad. On them competing with cod its not exactly hard to do. EA made a better game and are prospering on it. Most hate Mw3 and and can't wait BO2 yet I think it'll be the same thing as Mw3 where oh yea this sucks ahh bleh bleh the Cod franchise is dying in my opinion.
  13. Sorry it took so long to take the tag out. I had to add DK to it because Wrath was taken already.