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  1. I agree, Somewhat. PS3 marketing of blueray was well exicuted. Being that I am highly invested in blueray and know what I am speakign to- HD sales were surpassed back in spring of this year. Being that the PS3 had only been out for a few quarters that is an ass whoopin if you ask me. As far as picture quality- Maybe you can educate me on this one. Disk storage- Some GAMES make full use of this. Movies not just yet... But bro, when you own a Ferrari you dont always have to floor it everywhere you go... Just knowing you have the power if you need it. "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." IMO Im not sure if you belong to AVS or not but if you go over and search there for the comparison threads you can see that HD DVD had an advantage not only in online capabilities but also in PQ.I recently bought Ironman and I'm very upset with the PQ,I have had standard DVD in my HD DVD player upscaled that looked just as good if not better. I agree that I'm glad the war is over but at least they had someone pushing the studios to produce a better product and cater to the consumer,where as now the don't push the studios to produce a better PQ.I back Bluray now and only by my movies in that format,but i don't think the right format won the war.Sony just seems to bring out great hype and once it is on the market they forget about there consumer.I love Sony's products just not there business practices
  2. It's already been said that they dont intend to provide a BLU-RAY system in the PS4, hell......BLU-RAY will be obsolete in another 3-4 years ! Everything will be HIGH SPEED, HIGH DEF. DOWNLOAD. Pretty soon.....the console as we know it will be a GLORIFIED CABLE BOX !!! LOL !! Lets hope not,I am a fan of being able to have the physical disk in my hand.I believe the only one that wins if things continue to go D/L is the companies.They will not lower the cost of the product to give the savings to the consumers.This is why the only thing I buy and D/L is map packs etc.
  3. i take it that is a tuna safe dolphin
  4. There target had nothing to do with gaming at all,sony designed and sold the ps3 to win a format war against HD DVD.With out the ps3 bluray would be sitting on a shelf collecting dust,it is now just catching up to what HD DVD had and still dosent have the picture quality,or does it take advantage of its 50g disks that were so big for them.
  5. lunch

    2 Word Game

    his head
  6. lunch

    HOME Party

    Is that cop a gay dancer?If so i may have to stay home for home.
  7. dude' date=' all i will say is this. he's hung 10000000000000000x better than havoc. LOL [/quote'] limp.......
  8. And the answer is yes , you can use it without putting it on the controller.. I will be pick one of these bad dogs up now that i know this.
  9. lunch

    HOME Party

    reading that again i guess it sounds kinda wrong.
  10. Watch the awesome commercial for socom in home
  11. I hope so, I don't feel violated.....I mean i feel violated :-[
  12. OMG...I guess it wasn't.WTF are you doing to me.
  13. lunch

    HOME Party

    i will bring popcorn,man memories..........................................