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  1. Donated and shared the link in a mass email..brought a tear to me eye to watch the interview w/the wife.
  2. Dan you're right, the general logic behind it isn't right but I think in this specific case the word "boobies" can be excused. BTW, the bracelets come in multiple colors, including pink.
  3. If it promotes support and awareness with kids at a young age, I think the benefits outway the "inappropriate" language
  4. There's a good video on the link below. I'm sorry, but that's just bullshit. http://pagingdrgupta.blogs.cnn.com/2010/09/02/schools-ban-boobies-bracelets/?hpt=C2
  5. check out texas instruments, they're usually solid and moderately priced.
  6. this just made my week. fuck, yes.
  7. Oh Favre's retiring...again? can we get it in writing this time?
  8. the move gun looks like a more modern version of this.
  9. RNG187


    this is going to be the movie that makes me watch a movie in 3d. i loved the original, and i think this one will be even more epic.
  10. No fancy title, i think it's good enough to get your attention. Buddy of mine showed me this video, and i damn near pissed myself laughing. Enjoy. Admins: if you can embed on the new forums - please do so. IDK how to since you switched, but if it's possible I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. is the guy seriously wearing a shirt that says "undesirable" ? if i'm seeing correctly, that's amazing.
  12. RNG187


    The best way to describe Inception is this: Inception is a mindfuck, but it's the BEST sex you could ever DREAM of.. no pun intended. Inception was suspenseful, action filled, and seriously worth the 16.50 for imax. The plotline was the least bit predictable, for me at least(I'm the type who usually figures out the ending before the plot takes off). The acting was PHENOMENAL, the chemistry that group had was just amazing. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you can see it in imax, DO IT.
  13. eeeh. i like the integration with the website, always being logged in, having 1 click access to other sections. i dislike the color, and the rest of the forum change. yeah its cool, but there was nothing wrong with the old forum and the look wasn't outdated or anything.. unnecessary IMO.

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