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  1. False Flag Ops is looking forward to playing a COD tourney on xbone.
  2. hi. You look like you have a hard time leaving so let me show u something. *shows door* good day sir.
  3. COD rip off? lmfao. please.
  4. is this boot camp similar to socom where we had people from different clans playing against one clan that was looking to join us?
  5. Swatman1


    we shall play until our fingers bleed. add me guys, my clan and i will be playing for a LONGGGG time, as soon as i get home from school Dark Soldier
  6. Swatman1


    oh werre already on. nice thanks guys
  7. Swatman1


    is there a roster yet for 360 teams on here?
  8. been a member since 2003. underground member since 2001, GAP since 2004, no beta invite, no beta code, no invite at all. good job treating me well sony while some idiots that registered 2 days ago or dont even have ps3's get invited
  9. Swatman1


    Can we count on SxB to have two full rosters competing in both PS3 and Xbox COD tournies? yes you can count on that. for MW2 we will defe be joining you guys and hope that UF does start to run 360 clan games. Should start off small with MW2 and maybe branch out to say Forza 3 or something idk. *imagines having huge MAG clan battles*
  10. Swatman1


    SxB has a newly created 360 clan and will be playing MW2 when it released. an MW2 tourney for 360 here at UF would be great
  11. Swatman1


    cant wait for forza 3. forza2 was really good online. creating cars was half of the fun, seeing peoples hilarious creations was good too