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  1. Okay so with Socom 4 not living up to most the members of IX's expectations we have begun to get more involved in Battlefield. With the new installment only a few months away I was wondering how many members of the UF community play Battlefield? We are looking for a few teams to hook up with and blow some shit up! If your a Battlefield clan looking for a good team to hangout with send me a friend invite on the PSN Savageruin. Or just drop by our site some time. http://www.circleix.com Later Savage
  2. Enemy Lines is formed with a brotherhood type atmosphere, and a respectful attitude towards each member of it's clan. We also promote the same attitude of this behavior to all other online gamers that are not part of Enemy Lines. Our members are required to go through a trial period in a application process before becoming part of Enemy Lines to ensure that these are their intentions also. All members wear our tags and represent this clan while online on their own or with other members, and they are required to promote this clan with the upmost respect at all times! If you hold these attributes and our looking for a gaming home come visit us at www.enemylinesclan.com
  3. We are very thankful to all of the members that have chosen to sign up for the Spec Ops program and even more so to the different gaming companies that have sent us prizes for this. We have some great stuff coming for those that are members of UF's Special Operations. This months drawing will be for a Spec Ops Coffee Mug (Shown Below), it will be shipped direct to your address. The drawing will be the first week of September, and you must be a UFSO member for a minimum of 7 days in August. The link to sign up for spec ops is www.urgentfury.com/payments.php Sign up today for your chance to win.
  4. I have a hobby shop that i run and with the shop we also have a offroad track that we race on the weekends. Well I need to make a banner for the end of the road so people know where the track is easier. Im definatly not a creative person at all. I know how creative members of our community are and thought maybe I could get some help. Either critisizm or ideas or a whole new desing. Im up for anything. The banner will be 4x8' full color double sided. This is what i have so far. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. One good thing has come of the PSN being down is the UF forums have been getting alot of action,I have been getting alot more even on our clan site. Maybe we should start a PSN stand down once a month to get all Clans and clan members active on UF forums. I dont know just a thought .... Maybe someone could come up with a cool thread to keep alive for it.
  6. Just want to send out a huge thank you to all of the members who played in the AILSU team. I personally had a great time playing ye old Socom game with you gents. Look forward to seeing you guys again in the future! Best of luck to all of you!
  7. Gentlemen My name Bill and my PSN is ONE2HUNT, I am one of the officers of [$K$] Soulless Knights. It is nice to be apart of this community, lots of good information and nice members. I would like to extend a offer of friendship between our community and yours please visit our website at www.soullessknights.org Peace
  8. As of late there have been several members that have received PMs that are well a far cry from what we expect of our members here at Urgent Fury. At the bottom of every post and PM is a Triangle which you can click and will inform us of the PM or Post's contents. This is done with out the sender or poster knowing. Please use this function when really needed... we are not looking for a bunch of childs play here, but we also expect each member to respect one another. Thank you.
  9. Value Telcom would like to know how much you spend...
  10. Any Playstation Plus Members in North America find it on the store yet?
  11. so what if one of my members username is different than his PSN name?
  12. Hey People! We've Missed you all! I've been busy tryin to get everything back to where it was prior to our House Fire. Almost there! I like the new changes to this site, it's cool. Well, I'll be checkin the posts here, so I hope to hear from most of ya. Let me know how you've been and If you'd like a scrim or two with WOLF. I've almost got my roster filled (again) to compete. See ya soon! P.S. If there's any clanless members at this site, and you're looking for a home, try us out.
  13. I just felt like showing off the new DK template....since there's to many pieces for me to use here.....lol This is my new sig. I used mine for the samples MB HC SC
  14. I am hoping to create a sig template for each of the members in my clan who wish to be active on the UF forums here. As you can see in my sig, this was something I threw together in a few minutes... er hours (I'm not that efficient is PS). What I am hoping to do is change the image on the right side of the sig for each of the members. The left image is sort of our "mascot" if you will. I am looking for any suggestions to my current sig that would make it look even better! Thanks guys!
  15. I'm really on the fence about this game as I'm sure others of you are. So I'm just curious to see what others are thinking. After reading the forums, opinions on this game seem really split but f a lot of UF members are planning on playing, it just might cause the others that are on the fence about this game to join the MAG train.
  16. Just wanted to shout out to some of the guys here at UF like DevilJack from -VR- and PaidAssassin from War* for stopping by our site and showing what being a part of UF is really about. Thanks guys from TOG command and members! Can never underestimate a common brotherhood. V/R, Sierra
  17. I'm looking for a sig with a WOLF. I really like the metal band Immortal (from Norway). My photoshop skills aren't good enough, but what I am looking for is to have the WOLF have the look of the way the lead singer/guitars does his face with corpse paint. Maybe with a background of a forest in the winter. Please add FrozenPaw to the sig as well as our phrase, "There are those who believe, and those who will" Also, if possible, make it in sort of a template in case other members in the [WOLF] clan would like one. THANKS!
  18. so after the eval war tonight i got in a room with a couple of my clan members and my ps3 froze so i got up and reset it ...well i got the yellow light of death upon my attempt to reboot it. so imma try and run out and buy another tomm. hopefully
  19. Please use this section to post feedback of members that you have dealt with.
  20. BUYER/SELLER BEWARE!! Urgent Fury.com is in no way responsible for any of the members here on this forum, the items that are sold or the items they have purchased. Please take care when buying or selling anything here as ultimately, all transactions are made at your own risk.
  21. I was looking at my friends list and 3 of my clan members were allready playing. bastards got it from some swapmeet guy! they said theres over 8,000 people on line all ready
  22. I'm making this request on behalf of one of my clan members, he's off to work. (WOLF)walrusoflove26 would like the staff here at UF to make a sig for him. You guys did well with mine (it's also being updated), so he'd like one also. Thanx again, and you guys Rock!
  23. CpDude05


    Did anyone else get this? What do you think?? I have about 5-6 clan members with it and they can't put it down.
  24. here is one of my members failed attemt at makin us a new sig with photo shop :'(
  25. Hey I was in a RVN Mid-Night mass Room on friday and I got Tk'ed by RVN members... and then voted out... I really dont care cuz its not a big deal but I was just wonder two things: 1) Why? Not making a federal case but I was just curious cuz I have been in your rooms before and everything was fine... 2) Should I suspect this to happen again? Should I just steer clear of RVN in general or was there just a mis understanding? Im not going to reply cuz like I said before... Its not a big deal... Just a Short sentence to sum up my questions would be nice. Thanks

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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