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    Shut Your Mouth
  1. Now thats FUNNY!!
  2. I know there are a ton a creative minds here so I am just gonna post what I would like and let you have all the fun with it. Ok so here is what I had in mind my clan tag is [syM] Clan name is "Shut Your Mouth" good clan name for me right lol, but I would like to have a remembrance of JyK in the sig like a heart with JyK on it or something like that and then my name and clan name. Colors really dont matter and a boarder dont matter either just make it a bad ass sig please! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the warm Welcome Backs!
  4. lol clown.. thats funny coming from a midget joker with large feet and a shrunken head like beetle juice
  5. :wave:Hello Red tell the rest of the guys I said hello!
  6. After spending the last year or so under a rock the one and only Kingjunk has returned with a brand new swag and team. With SOCOM taking a shizz and me and my former clan [JyK] were not big fans of Call of Duty we just simply died out, but with a New SOCOM and Tac Map I thought i would make a return and try to re-establish myself with the community. I have not talked to anyone here lately, but I had close ties with a few guys and clans here before I hibernated under my rock and hope I can pick up where I left off with them and go head to head like we used to (hi Mike and BigMoney:redface:) in some very intense wars. Well most of yall know me and some of ya don't I guess I have to stick around and get to know everyone again! See you guys around!!