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  1. Whats up Last- Long time no see man. yea got my ps4 finally. gotta have both next gen consoles this time - - - Updated - - - Whats up Last- Long time no see man. yea got my ps4 finally. gotta have both next gen consoles this time
  2. I would love to do that, but I really don't have anyone that would join! I am part of a community of live streamers though that we could form into a clan maybe.
  3. After a long time away, a bit of maturing, I am ready to return to the community. I'm terribly sorry for all the crap i did and said. It was my competitive nature mixed with my immaturity. 3 Years later, Married, 2 year old daughter and my mom has died. However i always want to win, I can now lose with dignity, and stay positive moving forward. I show great leadership, great communication and loyalty. I am looking to either join an established team and make my way to leadership role, or start a brand new team of soldiers and move up the rankings of the UF community. I will be playing on PS4 and XBOX ONE Call of duty, and H-Hour when it releases. Send me a message on PSN- AccurateShot- XBOX- vG WicKeD twitch - Twitter- Youtube-
  4. Just add xRiZx would love to play with some people instead of playing alone.
  5. alright thx shane. so is there anything else i need to do. I have applied with the clans i am interested in and that i have seen before. What's the next step for me?
  6. Last time i tried, UF wouldn't allow me to be apart of any team. they said if i was a part of the team. the clan would be removed from UF community. That's why i was asking.. Where is that toolbar. how do i get it. I definitely want a new clan. I want to dedicate myself to something that is fun, rewarded and great experience.
  7. I been talking with my clan for hours now. I don't know if things are going to change with some people. I certainly have had respect and I don't talk trash at people. I'm 21 years old, married and have a son. As you may assume, I have grown up and matured quite fast. I have been through a lot for being only 21 I'm wondering, If i decide to start fresh, clanless. What can i do to show UF i am ready to be apart of a clan and stick with you guys for a very long time. I really want to be part of UF community. I am willing to do whatever I am required to do to show that i am ready. Those of you, shouldn't have a problem with me individually. I was apart of a clan before but they removed me because BDSL said that i wasn't welcomed because i was a member in EA*. So can i as a individual get a fresh start of this new year?
  8. I myself have never trashed talked UF. i just got upset when you guys thought we were EA* like literally thought we were EA* under a new tag. I been wanting to do UF since i heard about. If i have to leave the clan to have a fresh start and just show you guys individually that i'm ready' date=' I will do that. what does "for starters up your clan tags on." mean? [/quote'] You know what he means no ones that stupid. I remember a bunch of you trash talking UF on Why all of a sudden you and your guys (who are pretty much the same clan minus or plus people) have a change of heart, I thought you guys where to good to play here and that we where all scared and we where all trash that you guys could beat us without trying. What did you guys get kicked from GB too?
  9. what does "for starters up your clan tags on." mean?
  10. I understand the direct criticism. I'm not making any excuses for anyone in my clan. I am simply saying with a few words of wisdom, things can be changed. I have been playing socom for over 7 years and have never talked trash to one person unless they started it with me. Even then I say hardly anything disrespectful. I call people who swear potty mouths, lol. I don't know if that's disrespectful or not. I find it simply the truth when there are other things you can say. I have been reading up on UF and BDSL for over a a year almost 2 years now. I know what it takes to be apart of the community and I am here to tell you with my help and with the direct criticism that you guys are giving, my clan will fully understand and gain your respect. I will pick my 8 guys that are ready to show that respect on monday in our war against KoH.
  11. I'm obviously very respectful if i am here trying. Can i suggest something. How bout i work with the clan and everyone becomes respectful. We are very organized and they will listen. We will challenge clans on UF to wars and if we are respectful and have a good game, could we get in? All i am asking is can we have opportunity. I will talk to all members of my clan today. We have a lot of clans that talk smack to us, so that's how it started. All i got to do is have a few days with the clan talking to each member individually.
  12. Me (AccurateShot-) and my Leader (XxPRIDExPAINxX) were both apart of EA*, but only members and both me and him were never apart of UF as a member of EA* We left EA* because they were immature and weren't professionals. Last time i tried to sign \X/ up for UF we were accepted and then declined before our Hell week started. I want UF to give us a chance. Its a new year, a clean slate therefore EA* can be part of the past and \X/ is the future. EA* is still up and running Look it up on Look for Leadshower. He's the leader and you will see its not hte same clan as \X/ I would like to just be given the opportunity to be apart of UF. Please reply or aim me @ Leftyisback We can talk some more about this. We want a shot. So can some clans war us and have some good 8v8's going on. I can record every war if you guys want. You let the community decide but at least play with us first.