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  1. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/15/joe-biden-sees-no-legal-problem-with-taxing-violent-video-games You guys see this?
  2. With all of the events in the last 24 hours, we have decided that the clans that have earned their place to compete in the Urgent Fury arena deserve more respect. Normally we would remove a problem clan and just let the event continue, but this runs deeper. We have clans that have tarnished our community with alternative motives, and overall ruining the experience for members of our community that deserve better. With that being said, POW II will be retired with no closure. There is no POW Champion, no winner and absolutely no Honor among members of several clans involved. To SHO, RVN, SKS, NS and DFW we at Urgent Fury want to apologize to you. In recent years we have lowered our standards because of low participation and this is what we get. We are going to redo the process and qualifications that will be required for a Clan to receive an invite. We are also going to lower the amount of teams we allow to play in the events. To the other clans that have ruined the experience for these clans, good luck with your new venture. I am sure you will do it better like everyone else has.
  3. So I tuned in to UFreq last night and watched the stream for Aftermath, great game on all parties btw, and noticed that you were having a hard time not getting kicked Shane. I'm curious if anyone has come up with a solution to this problem or voiced their concern to trey arch or what they think the issue is? We hosted an in-clan tournament recently and had the hardest time keeping a room open while codcasting. Almost every game and mostly several times in a match people would get kicked. The only way it would work was to turn off game recording and codcasting and the room would finally stay open. I love the idea and the fact that its featured in the game but it would be great if it actually worked. Thoughts anyone? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. This post has been moderated due to violation of Forum Rules
  5. I'm trying to DL'd an app for my kid on my wifes phone. But it keeps telling me there isn't enough storage to DL'd and to manage my storage through the settings. There in lies the problem. The storage available is 467MB and the app is only 232MB. Any suggestions?
  6. Curious if anybody here picked it up? It was released at a bad time with BF3 and MW3, but this one is really solid. The multiplayer is great, and Naughty Dog is rather good at support and fixing problems. Its not exactly Socom but its a great 3rd person game, very action packed and could make for some great competitive matches. Ninja played a lot on Uc2 and competed a bit, I really think this game has great competitive potential. Still waiting for BF3 to allow private matches, but in the meantime Uc3 is good on the side. Comes with clan tags and private matches, all we really need right? Any UF teams out there interested in doing something, drop us a line we would love to play with you!
  7. I haven't talked to Johnson yet (he's our web master), but could someone who knows about websites check our out and please give me your opinion on what's going on?? Were we hacked? Did we not pay our dues? Any possible info would help. Thanks. http://www.lettinpunksknow.com
  8. Is anyone else having this problem or knows how to fix it. After every round I have to go back to my weapon and put the mod back on my weapon. What's the sense of having mods if you have to keep putting them on EVERY round???
  9. Alright guys, so I have been trying to get on Socom since last night. I can get on and get tot he point of joining a game. In the process of the game loading, the bullets on the bottom are moving, then they freeze and won't move, I let it sit there for about 5 minutes multiple times. Then tonight it was loading and i got to a black screen and I could here people talking, anyone know why this might be??
  10. On my FB wall a few people have a problem with them using Geronimo for the go word for the Osama raid. Stupid but I was wondering.... You know how Alpa is A, Bravo is B, etc. What is G? Probably know but have forgotten. Is it maybe Geronimo? Surely not.
  11. So I logged on today and went to the PSN store to buy the new map pack, but my PSN store isn't working properly. It would think it's in the store, but nothing shows up. All I see is my background. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem, or if it's just me?
  12. Is anyone having issues connecting to the server tonight? If not has anyone ever had a problem connecting? It keeps telling me server is not available at this time.
  13. A surprising number of my gunners are Twilight fans. I mean, there is actually like 5 of them....I find that very odd. I've SEEN the first one with my 14 yr old daughter on Bluray. I hated it. I refuse to watch the second one, and I also refuse to watch The View, Oprah, and Young & the Restless. These simply aren't MAN shows. Now my biggest problem isn't with the fact it's a chick flick...its cause the vamps sparkle. There is nothing gayer on the entire planet, and it officially RUINS the Vampire image we all have grown up accepting. It makes me sick, and I want it to stop. What side of the line do you tout?
  14. I had a baby robin come up to me today which is odd in itself i called the local bird sanctuary place and they said they would just euthanize it so im on my own in takin care of it. its fully capable of fully digesting worms it narfed one down no problem. the odd thing is it freaks out when my family handle it yet when i handle it its calm and actually just closes its eyes not sure wut to make of it as its a wild animal. anybody have any clue?
  15. Is anyone else have a problem with the UF forums? Whenever I click on an new topic or back out of a topic and try to load a new one it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute to load. It's only the UF forums I'm having trouble with and its only the actual forums part because I always see the header on top. So is it just me and I need to do something or are there more people out there.
  16. Hey, I have a problem. Just got this samsung camcorder, was given to me. I tried it, it wouldn't even turn on. So I got a battery charger, left the battery on the charger all night, and it turned on...said battery low...then turned off. So I got a new battery. Charged it up, worked great....played with it for a week, took some videos, everything was fine. I left the battery on the charger last night...and BOOM...same thing. Will turn on, say battery is low, and turn off. When I put the recently charged battery on the charger, the light is red not green. What the hell??
  17. I been talking with my clan for hours now. I don't know if things are going to change with some people. I certainly have had respect and I don't talk trash at people. I'm 21 years old, married and have a son. As you may assume, I have grown up and matured quite fast. I have been through a lot for being only 21 I'm wondering, If i decide to start fresh, clanless. What can i do to show UF i am ready to be apart of a clan and stick with you guys for a very long time. I really want to be part of UF community. I am willing to do whatever I am required to do to show that i am ready. Those of you, shouldn't have a problem with me individually. I was apart of a clan before but they removed me because BDSL said that i wasn't welcomed because i was a member in EA*. So can i as a individual get a fresh start of this new year?
  18. So I received an email from a guy on SOCOM about a month ago. This guy and his clan were up to all types of shady stuff when we were playing against them. Right before I added him to my block list he sent me a message. Evidently it was the last message I have received. Now every time I log in and it says "you have received a message" I check my inbox, and it says "you have no messages" anyone have this problem? SONY has been no help thus far.
  19. hey need some advice i plugged my personal heater in to the wall outlet in my room. when i turned it on all the power in just my room went out. how do i fix it. do i just reset it at the powerboard? its odd cause my over head light is still working just all the outlets are out
  20. it is about damn time this years fiesta bowl will include boise state (13-00 and tcu (12-0). it is the first time two non-bcs conference teams have appeared together in a bcs bowl game, and it is fantastic. my only problem is, who the hell do i root for?
  21. I have no idea whats going on. Either the IW servers really screwed up, or somebody hacked my account.......I am a prestige, dont know which one it is but it put me at level 1 after I had worked so hard to get up to lvl 64. If you see me online as a prestige that high, do not think I did this, for I did not. I havent even had the opportunity to prestige yet. I wonder if I can get back to where I was? anyone have this problem or know how to fix it?
  22. i just went to upload elites sig, and it says data corrupt!? Wtf.....
  23. So I had to replace my PS3 due to the YLOD, and I was setting up my bookmarks again, and I got all of em done except for UF. It won't allow me to log in. Everytime I click the Username box, it simply refreshes the page. I had noticed this problem on my OLD ps3 when I went to post, but now I cant even log in. Anyone share in my dilemma? Any ideas how to fix it?
  24. Anyone else been having this problem? Even since the psn update and MW2 i cant seem to sync trophies.. any advice would be sweet!
  25. Played the 3rd level as the terrorist @ the Airport. All I can Say is Wow.... Did any of you think it was alittle over the line. I had no problem with it but I know it will make the news.

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