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  1. I was wondering is there somewhere member's can display there GFX designs for the community to view?
  2. Join us in some alien smashing fun tonight on the Resistance 3 beta. We will be hosting a Private Lobby which will start at 10pm EST. Just add: i2IDIUM or any other LPK member to join in on the fun! See you there.
  3. First of all, I must say, amazing site and boards ! I am a member of the Skull and Bones Clan, and have been getting told by xPUDDYTATx, and DJHaole ( Shane I beleive ) about this site quite a lot lately, so I decided to join the fun along ! I have been having a blast playing with you guys, so I figured I'd probably have a blast on here too. I ain't really all that good at talking about myself, so I wont, but, if anyone has any questions, just post up...
  4. the benefits of being a premium member? Just saw the new forum and went to the link, it just says benefits. So curious, wanna know what I get if I do pay!
  5. Anyone here offended by my sig ? Better yet up until I posted this and you just now are going to read it has anyone even noticed it ? Becouse accounting to UF it is worth giving me a 5 point infraction everyday. But how funny it is that's it's a singular staff member, who sametime everyday sends me a pm and it just so happens to be after I voice my displeasure about UF. I'm at 15 points now, 15 more I get a 2 day ban, but just wondering if it was so over the top as they or should I say he says.
  6. Greetings to all here at Urgent Fury. CaribbeanCLANK here....used to be a member of Hollow \H/ Ground. A lot has changed since the last time I was on here. The site is looking good and I do see a few familiar names.....WAZ UP Irish Bull, see RedOctober is still around....Tool Minion, TOW and a few others. Nice to see the community is doing ok and hope to see some of you guys on SOCOM 4. Be safe everyone CLANK:thumb:
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to drop a link to the new mixtape released by [sHO] iDeLuXe (Jo Jo Lee) It's a free download so check it out at http://www.musicbyjojo.com%20iDeLuXe"] %20iDeLuXe"]
  8. We are currently looking for someone that would be willing to help us with our member signatures, If you have the time please post here or send me a PM...
  9. Hey guys, just wanted post up a song that a clan member did. You can check out a lot of more of their work at ReverbNation but here is what Lux did for [sHO]. Title: Shadow Ops - You Know What it is - by Jo Jo Lee aka %20iDeLuXe"][sHO] iDeLuXe
  10. Please join me in welcoming Tool_Minion as the Newest member of the UF Staff.
  11. just noticed how many threads xxNAME HERExx has started on the forums. im thinkin he needs a hobby. for the sake of a fellow member of the community, please people, post your suggestions here. ;D
  12. Hey guys, I attempted GIMP and Photoshop to do this... I'm just not good at stuff like this. Here's what I need: 1) A metallic circle on the left side filled in with a blue background with a silhouette of an old day ship (like a pirate ship) on top (please try to make it look cool). 2) Connected to the right of the circle, I need about a 600x200 px section surrounded by a metallic border 3) Leave the inside of the border transparent, as this will be edited by every member of my clan 4) Inside the border, at the bottom, leave a space that fits into the border, the same color as the border, with about enough space for about a size 16 text 5) Underneath the border, have some blue-ish white text that says rocktheboat.freeforums.org (please leave this far out enough so it can be edited, we are going to buy a custom website soon) 6) Make everything look kind of shiny on the border, thus the metallic. I don't want a matte color all the way around. I want it to actually look like metal plating 7) (not required) if possible, it would be cool to add some wire-ish things coming off the border. 8.) Also, if you could make the circle with the ship inside separate as well as in the temp, that would be great! Thanks guys, hope I'm not asking too much.
  13. I been talking with my clan for hours now. I don't know if things are going to change with some people. I certainly have had respect and I don't talk trash at people. I'm 21 years old, married and have a son. As you may assume, I have grown up and matured quite fast. I have been through a lot for being only 21 I'm wondering, If i decide to start fresh, clanless. What can i do to show UF i am ready to be apart of a clan and stick with you guys for a very long time. I really want to be part of UF community. I am willing to do whatever I am required to do to show that i am ready. Those of you, shouldn't have a problem with me individually. I was apart of a clan before but they removed me because BDSL said that i wasn't welcomed because i was a member in EA*. So can i as a individual get a fresh start of this new year?
  14. new sig for kite who just became a full member of rpd. the background was fun to make with some new filters i added as well as some brushes that add a very unique effect i like
  15. The UF Directors and Staff are pleased to announce our newest Staff Member- BigMoneyNacku is being promoted from Rangers Officers to General Urgent Fury Staff We think he will do well! CongratZ!
  16. dont know if u guys member me at all but i was in Dv8....lol now in H-H with War and Fluid. Good to be back and looking forward to playing with LPK SHO and the rest of the Awesome clans on here.
  17. Our new UF Staff member- BLACK FALCON Formerly MaluNYmets. We are very pleased to have him come aboard as Urgent Fury Staff! LET THE HAZING BEGIN!
  18. I was walking a member through ordering shrits and they still have the Columbus day sale going so we tested the free shipping and the columbus day sale code together and it works... So if after applying coupon code 1492COLUMBUS and your order is still over $30 then use coupon code SEMPROMO1010 for free shipping
  19. Hey guys... Im 19 years old and live in chicago IL.... i am a sous chef at a country club. I like to play many sports and work in on cars... Im sure it will be fun playin wit u guys on the battle field
  20. Hey everyone here at UF just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.. im SWATSHOT im a member of the divine knights! ive been playin and competing in UF for a while now but just recently joined up on the forums. i look forward to seeing and playing against everyone in the game especially anyone in the new chosen tec map which i am a secondary rep in..
  21. Do you feel Founders of the clan need to be shown in some sort of form in the rank ladder or they should be a regular member just like anyone else? How does it work in your clan?
  22. How does your clan rank system work and what are the positions title and responsibilities? And how soon can a member move up in your clan in ANY position?
  23. Our clan member BLindfire is on it LOL. He sent the guy a message!! LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6CWERMJGi8
  24. He stopped by our forums and I wanted to thank him. Thanks US25
  25. we have 2986 members i wonder how many are still active probally 85 percent of them 3000 and 25000 more to come this is the true test of how great of a site ya'll got goin on.. o yeah and the tourneys and community are cool too good shit fella's (creators to the staff) keep it up

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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