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  1. I'll despise b-ball this year. My 2 fav teams are the 2 teams predicted to have the worst record. Hope theres something worthwhile in the draft this year.
  2. I was just about to bench him for the year when i found out he was traded. Now i don't know if i should keep starting him in fantasy or not. Anyone have an idea on how well or bad he might do in the jets? I don't watch the jets so i have no idea how often they throw the deep ball.
  3. The bucs need to fire their coach now. 4th and goal on the 4.....down 6......4 minutes to go in the 4th....and they kick a field goal?? Why can't you draft coaches in the first round?
  4. Fixed the first post. No giants or patriot fans here? Thats a shocker.
  5. Didn't see one of these threads (which i thought was shocking). I want to do it in the same format as the "Where you at" thread. Lets see if we get every team represented on this forum. I'll try to update it often so take a quick minute to post your team. Unfortunately the only team to win the super bowl this year is......the Bucs! They were just playing an extended preseason til now but they'll get rolling soon. AFC EAST Jets (u) Xx-Churchy-xX Patriots [cBs>] CDBS14 Dolphins Bills AFC NORTH Ravens [>*T] Pathogen- Bengals (U) Deadcity Steelers Browns AFC SOUTH Colts o-Marine-o Texans [*N*] JLove Titans Jaguars AFC WEST Broncos [AOA] Maximus666 Raiders [101] xRedOctoberx [cBF] BigMoneyNacku [sxB] willywonka159 Chargers Chiefs NFC EAST Cowboys [<+>] AT3Navy Eagles [RPD] LuckyS_T_A_R_S [TNU] Chiang-shih [RVN] z-PRIME-z Giants [iMr] xLASTx (U) akaCRiM [iLL] PSYCHOFACTOR Redskins NFC NORTH Packers Hush- [<+>] CpDude05 Vikings [cBF] AnimalMother Bears [[email protected]] Nemesis [LPK] Prane [101] iDnTyX [>*T] X-Shattered-X [RVN] BacklasH Lions NFC SOUTH Buccaneers [TX] Jag_ [bOU] BigDaniel [uF Staff] Chili-Palmer Saints [uF Staff] Goat [AoV] HippieChik [*N*] BA-ZERK [<+>] Superman Falcons [<+>]Deadly-Intent Panthers NFC WEST 49ers [RHH] Crusty_Demons [<+>] Neoblackhound [503] Lil V.C Rams (U) CeRTiFieD Seahawks Cardinals
  6. Dam, No olympics and the Cubs aren't going to win the world series. There goes my 2 predictions for Chicago this year.
  7. It was alright. Anyone else the quagmire show would of been better though? I think they're gonna make the humor way too similiar to family guy on the cleveland show. Which may not be bad, but i'd prefer something a bit more different. Maybe the next ep will change my mind though.
  8. Maybe this is a bit biased since i'm a bucs fan, but i'd even recommend starting ward over either Jackson or Bush (I don't see either having a good game). Then finding another WR or HB to start in that flex spot. Glen Coffee against STL seems appealing with Gore out now if he's still available. I wouldn't start LT this week no matter what. Even if he's healthy, he's facing Pit, will still split carries, and wont be 100%. Even if Tampa airs it out all day, which i don't think will happen since the redskins had problems scoring against the lions D, Ward is a receiving HB so he'll get a few screens his way, especially with a more elusive QB this way. Williams is still not 100% healthy (as usual unfortunately), so Ward's value may go up down the road, so i wouldn't cut him. I think Bush would be the guy i'd sit this week. Then i would start Carlson at W/T if i couldn't find another solid wr or hb on the waiver wire.