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  1. It would be best if I could get the actual file to download though.
  2. I would recommend Whitesky, your going to have to pay for his work, but it is worth it!
  3. Here is a closer look, I still have a few boxes in the closet that are full of stuff, lol. COD4 game of the year cover signed by the Infinity Ward Dev Team. "REAL SIGNATURES" Black Ops special print, 1 of 1000 "rare" 2010 A30's and 2011 A40's COD4 manual signed by Robert Bowling COD4 poster that was given away at the IW lan tournament COD4 face Plate "RARE" MW2 Prestige "Sealed" Extra MW2 prestige, Soap statue, Ghost comics, "RARE" Halo series DEW bottles Iron Man 8x10 signed by Robert Downey Jr extra boxes full of shit more boxes full of shit, lol.
  4. > Full clan name: [hLx] HeLix Gaming > A clan banner: > We need NO MORE than 5 sentences describing your clan that we will print beneath your clan banner: Founded in 2007, HeLix Gaming is a U.S. based multi-platform organization that provides avid and casual gamers alike the opportunity to improve either their gaming experience in general or aid in improving their skills; thus in turn enhancing their results. HeLix offers a unique clan environment and knowledge to excel and promote full gaming potential. > Let us know if you are a PS3 clan, an Xbox clan, or BOTH: BOTH > And lastly, your website address:
  5. Today is better than that one crazy night on the border where Mexico jumpers crawl racistly under that SgtJoeFriday fence Ripping his panties. I Then wondered, "Holy Stupidity!" but then realized COWonCRACK was standing a blowup doll behind your neighborhood treehouse licking candycanes, which ultimitely led to inserting his tiny bannanna further upward inside Packernut's punctured earhole so now menacingly, I sneak into his backdoor and grab Sweeve's small pistol without realizing that my condom subscription was indestructible. Johnson30 told [101] "stop Kicking me asshole or [hLx] disbands TONIGHT!", but then immediately disfsk3x14 sucked PACKERNUT's DuelShock3 controller until GeneralSarcasm gave cute gunpowder laced with lilies, moonshine makes Sweeve chase crunk farm Feces. Tomorrow shane will spread peanutbutter on Johnson30's bare tooshy chest, licking KoH's sticky browneye. Meanwhile, Bandit99, IrishBull, and SgtJoeFriday along with
  6. 1st look? I have been looking at them for two weeks now.
  7. Sorry to see you go [KoH], good luck to all of you. And dont be a stranger to [hLx]!
  8. Man, we never even got a chance to scrimmage, lol. Good luck guys, much respect.