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  1. lol its not sunday I know what Urgent fury is okay thanks when he gets back on he'll remove the pic
  2. theres millions of people uploading live streams of game play all over the web
  3. hmmm anyways im loving Uplink
  4. I had the tritton ax 720 and they sucked the sound control was bad (I had it for the 360) but then I got the X41 and THEY WORKED GREAT but now the Turtle beach come out with the PX21s the newest verison of the P21s
  5. hmm If only you would re check our forums lol They're finished :police:
  6. thank you so much for your feedback I'll keep you guys posted when I have some more work done thanks
  7. I got my X41s before MW2 come out but now I traded in all my 360 games including the console towards a PS3. I have no use for the X41s due to the fact of them not being compatible with my PS3 I will post pics of them asap! I'm selling them for $100 (willing to work out a deal) Thank you -hLx BaCKOUT
  8. my sigs are no where as good as everybody's but im still learning so PLZZ fill free to view my sigs and post some tips and help. THANK YOU -hLx BaCKOUT
  9. Check us out we're looking for members for PS3; Socom, MW2, BFBC2
  10. Looking forward to Black staring up!
  11. Just wanted to see how everybody's doing? I hope all is well, we're looking forward to Socom BLACK
  12. This is hLx BaCKOUT I'm a officer for HeLix Gaming, I just wanted to say thank you and we're really looking forward to this