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  1. I can play the game but to me it is not SOCOM. Personally I have more fun on Confrontation. I know this is a risky post but I gotta do it. I AM NOT BUYING IT. If it is givin to me I might play. Unless all of my peers get it and force me make a decision hmmm.
  2. Hey, So I'm getting back into the PS3 (stopped playing like a week or so after confrontation), and I'd like to know.. what multiplayer games are the most popular on the ps3 right now? Is Confrontation still going big?
  3. Well after being very disapointed at Socom:Confrontation i sold my Ps3 a year ago, Now ive decided i want to comeback and play again, so im buying a Ps3 again tommorow and im going to start playing again. For those who dont know who I am, I played S2,S3,CA, I played with and was on ZZZ Blacksheep and ApK Apokalypse and a couple other clans. Ill post my new PSN up tommorow.
  4. Socom Confrontation-Call of Duty MW2 [hLx] Recruiting
  5. I have been told this was everyones favorite tournament,so I did some searching on it. I tried to find some info on it, can someone explain to me what it was exactly and how it worked? Who would like to see it make a comeback into socom confrontation??
  6. http://forums.socom.com/socom/board/message?board.id=confrontation&thread.id=394200 Go check it out and chime in as well... remember, don't go bashing anyone (though they deserve it) this is a good oppertunity to show what it means to be a UF Clan.
  7. ;D http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=SOCOM+CONFRONTATION
  8. in the latest Blog entry they posted this picture as a teaser. this look like a snowy version of Vigilance to yall? wonderin if they're making shit able to be made into "snow" versions, think it'd be kinda cool.
  9. 16v16 Medley 1 1.)Urban Wasteland - Breach 2.)Fallen - Elimination 3.)Quarantine - Escort 4.)Kasbah - Extraction 5.)Crossroads - Suppression 6.)Urban Wasteland - Control 7.)Crossroads - Demolition 16v16 Medley 2 1.)Fallen - Elimination 2.)Quarantine - Demolition 3.)Urban Wasteland - Escort 4.)Kasbah - Breach 5.)Kasbah - Suppression 6.)Fallen - Control 7.)Crossroads - Extraction 16v16 Medley 3 1.)Crossroads - Escort 2.)Quarantine - Demolition 3.)Fallen - Suppression 4.)Kasbah - Extraction 5.)Crossroads - Elimination 6.)Urban Wasteland - Breach 7.)Quarantine - Control 8v8 Medley 1 1.)Urban Wasteland - Elimination 2.)Quarantine - Breach 3.)Desert Glory - Control 4.)Fallen - Demolition 5.)Crossroads - Escort 6.)FrostFire - Suppression 7.)Kasbah - Extraction 8v8 Medley 2 1.)Fallen - Suppression 2.)Crossroads - Escort 3.)Desert Glory - Extraction 4.)Frostfire - Elimination 5.)Quarantine - Demolition 6.)Urban Wasteland - Breach 7.)Kasbah - Control 8v8 Medley 3 1.)Quarantine - Escort 2.)Kasbah - Breach 3.)Fallen - Suppression 4.)Urban Wasteland - Control 5.)Crossroads - Extraction 6.)Frostfire - Elimination 7.)Desert Glory - Demolition 8v8 Demolition 1 1.)Frostfire 2.)Kasbah 3.)Quarantine 4.)Desert Glory 5.)Fallen 6.)Crossroads 7.)Urban Wasteland 8v8 Demolition 2 1.)Fallen 2.)Urban Wasteland 3.)Desert Glory 4.)FrostFire 5.)Quarantine 6.)Kasbah 7.)Crossroads 4v4 Demolition 1 1.)Quarantine 2.)Frostfire 3.)Fallen 4.)Urban Wasteland 5.)Crossroads 6.)Desert Glory 7.)Kasbah 4v4 Demolition 2 1.)Desert Glory 2.)Crossroads 3.)Urban Wasteland 4.)Fallen 5.)Quarantine 6.)Frostfire 7.)Kasbah 8v8 Elimination 1 1.)Kasbah 2.)Quarantine 3.)Urban Wasteland 4.)Desert Glory 5.)Fallen 6.)Crossroads 7.)Frostfire 8v8 Elimination 2 1.)Urban Wasteland 2.)Crossroads 3.)Quarantine 4.)Desert Glory 5.)Kasbah 6.)Frostfire 7.)Fallen 4v4 Elimination 1 1.)Desert Glory 2.)Quarantine 3.)Frostfire 4.)Urban Wasteland 5.)Fallen 6.)Crossroads 7.)Kasbah 4v4 Elimination 2 1.)Fallen 2.)Crossroads 3.)Frostfire 4.)Urban Wasteland 5.)Desert Glory 6.)Kasbah 7.)Quarantine
  10. check out http://www.enemylinesclan.com we are tactical that plays in urgent fury and other tourneys. check the site out
  11. I am surprised I haven't seen a thread up for this yet. But Chain Reaction is here and the action starts tonight. Who here is JACKED up to get this started? I know everyone at [101] are going out of their mind with anticipation. I know I am pumped. What is everyone thinking going into the first tac map of the year. The first one for confrontation. There are some clans taht are going to get their Tac-Map cherry popped this week. I just want to know what is on everyones mind. Because we are about to break this mother wide open, and some of you have no idea what you have jsut gotten yourself into. It is gonna be GREAT. ;D ;D ;D
  12. Some of the clips in this vid are from the POW Tourney and some are just random pub rooms. I will have another one coming soon for Confrontation. Ohh and yes I posted this once before
  13. http://youtube.com/watch?v=9TlkGrjMhSQ
  14. Hi everyone, im new to these forums and am now trying to get a clan started up to do some tournaments on SOCOM: Confrontation. I am a former Socom 1 & 2 player. You can find me on the Playstation.com SOCOM forums as well. My name on there is "PRO_X_RAZOR", and im looking forward to playing with you guys on SOCOM: Confrontation. Cheers .
  15. I am the type that will come up behind you and suprise you from every angle. I bassically rush every round and take 2 guys with me but i hate to camp and i dont have the patience for it. So what type of player are you.
  16. Props to [RVN] Playerdown for pointing this out. It's really no wonder Slant Six didn't finish Socom, they couldn't even finish their WEBSITE! http://www.slantsixgames.com/ :-X
  17. If anyone cares. http://www.ps3fanboy.com/2009/01/07/trophies-socom-confrontation/
  18. Does anyone out there have a room up I can come play in? :'( I'm all alone :'( :'(
  19. There is an URGENTFURY.COM room now up in Cen 6 on Confrontation. Hope to have it up all night.
  20. This is the first advertisement that i have seen for confrontation. This was on my myspace home page.
  21. kidding. ;D seth's probably circle jerking it with the rest of the /6 staff, while we're suffering with the open public beta "finished" game, confrontation.
  22. Heres what I think.. Guns: Gun sound and look better on S:C, and they are names real(or close) Third Person:) wont happen but I can dream.
  23. I'll be on in about 20 minutes for the first time...any takers? I'll probably be roaming the central servers and if I don't find anyone I'll put a room up titled "Turkey Fury" If I password the room, the pass will be "urgentfury" no caps

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