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  1. If there was a like button i would press it!
  2. DirtYFranK

    Beastie boys

    Never...... planning a big weekend to see Pearl jam this summer for the 20th anniversary.........but i grew up on licensed to ill
  3. DirtYFranK

    Beastie boys

    Check out the new video for make some noise .....cant find a link its to new. but here is a trailer for the 30 minute short film........try and see how many people you count who turned up for this video/film the short film and video are different.....the new video is "make some noise".....mtv has links
  4. Bingo.....just went to see AIC at MSG not long ago and was so hoping they were going to bring him on stage.......but no luck
  5. me and the wife followed that show too......Just think he is playing with layne now .....thats all i could think when i heard the news.
  6. Lol ....i'll tell you why because atlanta sucks.....joking have a great story but i need the boss to type it out....aka the wife and shes not home now.... look for details in the near future Spread the jam DF
  7. They released Bomb Squad and Uplink a few days early. I am checking it out as I post this.
  8. Crusty, I like your list I have a lot of the same stuff sitting in my instant queue. Glad I came onto this thread cause I just found my new best friend and as far as I know he has a spot at Lukins. Spread the Jam
  9. Last week i didn't care for but i can't get enough of this weeks!!!
  10. If you bought killzone and returned it it only cost about 20 bucks ....I dont know but 3 bucks can't get me a gallon of gas on the east coast.....i'm bitter on how they released the info but then again they have been bending me over for years
  11. I'm speechless ....thanks sony after all these years i was hoping for some lube
  12. Buckle your seat belts socrack heads ETA 2 1/2 hours
  13. Awesome Irish....I'm Speechless now.....but I'm going to listen to some.....Rage against the ......who r they?
  14. Amen to that tool....I always been a fan of symphonic albums pretty sure i have a tool one too. I bet a lot of parents became a little upset when the kids brought home "Killing in the name of" to lisen to for homework...."Fuck you i wont do what you tell me".....VIVA LA RATM