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  1. yeah cool, its been a bit quiet but hopefuly we can get the interest and this going ;D
  2. stuff that me little winky couldn't take it x
  3. cool need to hook up on psn get a few games
  4. I'm here lurking just been a bit busy new night shift job combined with two kids grr interupting my gaming life
  5. right ok will do, ive just revisited all the sites ive posted on to see if there was any replys and most have around 40/50 views but no responces so maybe they just came here and had a look around. I'll get some more flyers out this week ;D (.....hhmmmm working in the background eh hhmmmm......)
  6. It appears there either is not much interest or clans just are not posting up to say they are. I have posted the flyer on 20+ euro clan sites so far ( none in the last couple of weeks comp went down and been busy) but i was wondering if anyone has an idea to get this up and running, it would be a shame if we cant i personally getting my hopes up and looking forward to it potters x
  7. yeah it does you need to save your images to a folder for each stage of the anim, then file/load files into stack and then its convert layers to frames in the anim section or something like that. Think you have to save for web .gif
  8. yeah i'll add you both, we could have a mess about one night
  9. well any mate i just need a little push in the right direction i want to be able to make sigs like your's,divine knights, shadow ops those kind the good ass ones
  10. do you know of any tut's that show how to make borders like yours i've search everywhere, i looked at the link you posted it will only show me the orb tut dont know if the site's fooked just keeps sending me to a web site tut lol
  11. Hey up people, I'm learning sig making myself but I've got a long way to go yet to catch you graphical genius's up and so here is my UF forum sig request. my psn. pottersrule clan. skullandbones something that represents Urgent Fury the background I'll leave to you anything badass in ya face possibly ps3 but not that fussed It's the baddass high detail borders you guys have that rock my world, whatever you guys can do for me will be greatly appreciated thanks.
  12. cheers mate i posted the link on our forums so the the rest can come say hey!!
  13. hey up boa cheers for dropping by and well done for last night you gave us a good spanking!!