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  1. I'm pretty sure modern warfare, battlefield, mag and the rest, weren't actually real wars. I'm just sayin'. Now quit trying to start a political debate. ;D REALLY so Imran Zakayaov or however you say his name is the mastermind behind a real war? O not to mention the Giant EMP tha blew up over Washington LOL :police: :police: :police: WOOOOW lol
  2. Why do u have a 360 now?
  3. I'm not using photoshop. i use Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Editor.
  4. What is a really good and easy site creater like what do these really good ones use?
  5. there both good. but nah dude my GumbyFo3 account got deleted or erased or something. cause i cant login to it i dont get it
  6. TADA!! Thanks everyone for yalls help thanks so much for the sweet sig mic! o and btw this I use to be GumbyFo3/FatalS_T_A_R_S lol
  7. for some reason the sig still isnt working and my computer is pissing me off because i cant save ics it says there all corrupted
  8. the sig didnt work and id hate to ask but i noticed the profile pic had a blue outline around it could it be changed to the mathcing gold and possibly put my name in that too at the bottom or something? but like i said the sig didnt work when i did what u told me. and what is the picture from like wat game cause he looks pretty cool. BTW it looks Sweet!
  9. that looks really sweet! thanks alot! umm two questions though how can i make it my signature cause i saved it to my computer and and there is no importing. and could you make my a matching pic for the profile pic like where bruce willis is now lol
  10. Hey guys im not exactly sure wat would go with this name but i just really want a cool sig! any help?