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  1. Cheers UF! Just trying to get a general consensus on competitive gaming..ala clan vs. clan tournaments and leagues. With so many titles out there to choose from and the different consoles battling for gamer's attention is there still a large interest from clans around the interwebz? Is CoD still a heavy hitter among clans for doing battle?
  2. I'm going to try like mad to get in this... I'm in the middle of recruiting PS3 members to form an Iron Fox team....not that easy as I'm encountering. If I can get a solid group together on the PS3 side we will be all over this my man... I wasn't even sure what this game was until Shane sent me some links, etc....... Could be an ugly crew..especially if I lead it, but I'm going to try and give it a go nonetheless. Here's to seeing you cats on the PS3 side!
  3. Hello Urgent Fury.... I have visited here before in one of my many quests for finding new clans, communities, and groups on internet, but didn't realize UF was a tournament/league site until just recently. First off, my name is IFx DDay. I'm a 39 year old married father of four and a veteran with the 10th Mountain Division. I'm a former member of Tied the Leader, a very respected xbox community, where I served as a Challenge Captain and was also the "event guru" for the Good Game Network. I have since started my own community that revolves around events bringing gaming communities together for competition. Needless to say, I love running leagues and tournaments so this site has definitely sparked my interest. What can I say....I'm a competition junkie..... Is UF strictly and PS3 event site or is there a movement to push xbox events? Could someone also point me in the direction of who is in charge of the UF site? Thanks!