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  1. Found this yesterday, there was a Killzone invitational. It started last Friday and the winners have already been announced. The first link is the plug, the second is an article and video of the final match. http://www.killzone.com/en_US/blog/news/2013-12-26_the-first-killzone-invitational-friday-group-stages.html http://www.killzone.com/en_US/blog/news/2013-12-30_team-iam-wins-first-killzone-invitational.html Anyone else know this was happening?
  2. We are looking to start community nights back up on Friday and Saturday Nights on COD and BF4, let us know what night you like and what you want to play.
  3. dunno when i can get to a computer again b4 tomorrow. I'm going away till friday... SO HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE
  4. Some of my guys made this. They cordinated this for like two weeks and I told them they were crazy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTfM2M6F-fQ&feature=player_detailpage
  5. Mission: Fun games of Socom Night: Saturdays Time: 7pm central until Game: Confrontation Last week after a great midnight mass friday saturday we hosted our room as planned before the mass returned friday.This is an open invitation to all who wish to play some old school fun maps or some new school maps even.We had around 15 of us or so last week showed up.Even a couple different clans out there.Though again this saturday we shall see who shows for some old time fun of shooting someone and them staying dead.Always a plus.As well as being able to hear your team mates.
  6. Okay, This one is a good one. Apparently a woman pepper-sprays people in order to get an XBox 360 over others in front of her. I can't imagine what someone would do, to get a PS3! Here's the link about the XBox 360 incident (click the yellow link): Woman Sprays Pepper spray to get an XBox 360 deal:
  7. We have been getting some great survey responses, thank you to those that have really taken the time to fill it out correctly. We are going to leave the survey up until next Friday Oct. 14th. This is your chance to tell us how you feel, please take the time to fill out the Community Feedback Survey...
  8. First, old school, classic. ingredients White bread Melting cheese, Velveeta or most "melting cheese" will work Real butter Step one prep the griddle just under 350 F While griddle is heating up, butter one side of each piece of bread Cut a slice and a half per sandwich, ensures full coverage and a tastier sandwich Place all the slices on the griddle butter side down, and let sit for a couple minutes Then move the cheese onto one side and cover with one of the other slices Then once the cheese is melted a little and both sides are toasty brown...enjoy For you griddless people or lazy, I have another way I'll post later. There's other additions like ham and onions and green peppers and all kinds of variations. Whichever fits your pallet.
  9. Hello boys!!! Its late and I don't expect much of a response but, were gearing up to start tournaments and looking for a possible late friday night scrimmage with pretty much anyone just for the smell of it. I'll be on late tonight FR me if your down. PSN.DevilJack33
  10. Ima be in Vegas this week. Prime, Backlash, and myself for sure, and prolly a surprise on Friday. Me and Prime are playing the Legacy course Thursday....didn't know if you wanted to meet up.
  11. Anyone a fan..? Anyone seen it before & like it.? Not the movie, but the TV show. I started watching it last year (Netflix), & i am hooked. lol I am about to start season 3.. but i just read that the current season (season 4, & the next 3) is on Direct TV only.!? LAME but GREAT F*CKIN SHOW.!!
  12. I cant believe it. Expect 2inches by noon. Some tomorrow and maybe all day Friday. If the Dallas Ct House closes I would not have to work. LOL. I know its not a big deal for most. But huge in Texas. If there is any accumulation the WHOLE city will shut down.....LOL
  13. Pretty self explanatory. Let's see what everyone got today. I personally will be duck hunting in about an hour, so I will not be going.
  14. Hey I was in a RVN Mid-Night mass Room on friday and I got Tk'ed by RVN members... and then voted out... I really dont care cuz its not a big deal but I was just wonder two things: 1) Why? Not making a federal case but I was just curious cuz I have been in your rooms before and everything was fine... 2) Should I suspect this to happen again? Should I just steer clear of RVN in general or was there just a mis understanding? Im not going to reply cuz like I said before... Its not a big deal... Just a Short sentence to sum up my questions would be nice. Thanks
  15. Ok so i met this girl like 2 weeks ago.. and i really like her a lot and i have never clicked this fast with any girl ever b4 in my whole life, and she's everything i could possibly ask for in a girl... we hang out like all the time and we went to a streetlight manifesto show together and after that show was the first day we ever kissed and now she's like ignoring me, this was Friday that we just kissed and now she like won't talk to me at all, everytime I've txted she doesn't respond, she barely says 2 words to me on aim, and i don't F**king get it and I'm going crazy and idk what to do because i really like this girl a lot, like for real and i don't want to lose her and i just don't know what to do.. does anyone have any kind of advise that might be able to help me out? it's just my luck though of course cuz as soon as i actually start caring for someone they don't talk to me any more...
  16. I will be posting up my farewell to the UF community as well as announcing the new ownership tomorrow. No false alarm here. See you all then. - TOW
  17. It was me Pinki281 that warred with "JyK" against "S+S" on Friday. And " JyK " did not know about me trying to join " U " But before friday`s war i decided that i did not want to join " U " so i went back to JyK.
  18. I'm going to be doing this on Friday May 1st. If anyone in the WNY area is going let me know.....I'll be there, somewhere! http://buffalobarcrawl.com/
  19. So do we play or not? Let me know as soon as you can Staff. Thanks
  20. We only have one person signed up for Tonight's, Thursday's, and Friday's wars.
  22. i posted psn name up in clan rep section but noone has responded or even looked at it. the war is in an hour so hoping someone will respond soon
  23. So I am going to be in Vegas during the Super Bowl this year, and well I wanted to know if there were any UFers that maybe could direct me in the way of what I just HAVE to do, where to eat, where to golf ( I will be bringing my clubs), etc. etc. Maybe we can get a mini-UF golf game for like Saturday the 31st or even Friday afternoon?
  24. SHANE23


    My Fiance won tickets Friday night to go to Tuesday's show. We flew in from NYC, landed at 330PM, dropped our luggage off at home hopped in the car and headed down!! WELL WORTH the tired legs! Take a look at where we were!! These were taken with my iPhone so they are not the greatest but you will get the idea!
  25. Re: *****ALL UF WARS CANCELLED TONIGHT***** all wars were not to be played on friday? confussed sry.

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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