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  1. Old news. I got my PS3 a few months thru that offer. But good thread. For those who don't have PS3 yet, this is the best offer to get cheap PS3.
  2. The password was leaked and it was really annoying to play against 10 Romanians who I never knew. They simply found the tournament and started googling on internet for a password. And since it was posted on some forums, it was easy to find. Also, there were a lot of people who registered early and never showed up. Bummers
  3. You can find tournament password here:
  4. LMAO Yeah, I don't turn on the light myself anymore. Always make him to do it. not bcs I'm lazy, just bcs he would not forget. I will work on sneezing thing. Will post it once he knows how to do it;)
  5. He does understand English too. You just have to say it in same tone. And follow with hand signal. The easier ones (sit, down, crawl, rollover, tail, bark) I can even do with hand signal only. Took some time to work with him.
  6. Never tried to go fishing with my dog....
  7. I did spend some time with him... But it wasn't too hard. He got it pretty fast. My fiancee comes back from work and he aready knows new trick. LOL. The good one is when he starts ringing that bell whenever he wants to go outside. If I'm on second floor and hear that bell ringing like crazy, I know i got to drop my things I was doing and let him outside, or he will shit inside. Haha
  8. Finally put my dog's tricks on Youtube. For those who think I was making stuff up about his tricks However, you won't understand much, bcs he understands Lithuanian better than you . Haha For those who don't understand Lithuanian. Commands in English: Open the Trashcan, Switch on the light, Voice, Paw,Beg,Pray,Lay Down,Shame on you,Tail, Wave, Roll Over, Find a toy, Sit still and don't eat the treat on your nose, Switch off the light, Crawl, Let's go outside (when he wants to go outside he rings the bell), Don't touch the treat,Bow, Count the fingers
  9. On November 12th at 8 PM CST LTU will hold Freeroll for all Socom community. The winner will get a FREE entry to $20,000 GTD tournament which is taking place every Sunday at 5 pm CST. Please post your names here if you are interested to play in this tournament. Once the tournament will be closer, please make sure check our website for any updates. The tournament will be private and passwrd protected. Will post the password laster. If you don't have an account yet, you can download the software here:
  10. I know Tow and Sniper dont really look here, but Rooster, maybe you can push them a little bit to get the winners banner for our team. Please
  11. Shut up, bcs she won't stop then. LOL
  12. Can Sniper get some cool banner for our win? Please and thank you
  13. I'm proud of my boys. GJ Scofield running our clan on Xbox. You're the main reason we actually are where we are right now.
  14. Flawless


    Stop bashing my ass. For the record I was in Florida with limited internet usage. And btw Scofield is our new rep, since I couldnt fulfill my duties.