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  1. That's pretty cool, I dont like that game tho.
  2. I know I wont b using this photo gallery crap, they should add more features such as voice chat like 360
  3. thnx 4 everything guys & I'll try 2 get my mailing address
  4. awh com on lol, time 2 ride out & drink some beers for my party
  5. yea I'm done till later tonight, too much beer & liquor
  6. I drink beer 2 lol, corona, heineken, coors light
  7. these vids r hilarious
  8. I think I might get some cheap accessories soon
  9. lol neva have, I had some hennessy yesterday ;D
  10. lol he was cp koontz & something else
  11. To make a rank of General is difficult, thats a 0-7 rank as a united states army officer to become a brigadier general so that'll b alot of experience. I'll tell u my real name cause I don't want mail saying GeneralWar lol & I hope they have some kind of internet access I can access lol.

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