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  1. I want to be the first to congratulate Aiel on their first UF title. They went through the 5 week tournament, always proving to be a tough opponent, and came out victorious last night. They capped off what was a very entertaining tournament, and I would like to thank them as well as the other clans who participated....and I would also like to thank everyone for being patient with me and Nacku when some issues arised. Congratulations Aiel!
  2. Good evening, The Crucible: Stimulus are now open in the Current Tournaments section of the Forum. The signs will be closed Wednesday, June 16th, 11:59pm CST.
  3. Dont go over and make a fool of your self acting like Billy Mayes, but a simple bump would be appreciated once a day or so.! http://forums.xbox.com/25671209/ShowPost.aspx#25671209 Thanks
  4. The sign-ups for the UF: Crucible-3 tourney for CoD4 on the PS3 now has its own section up in the tourney sign-up section. You will have two weeks to sign up and get some friendly clans you game with online to sign up as well! Hoping for a good launch! - TOW
  5. Rosters will NEED to be IN by FRIDAY at midnight. All rosters are to be posted at the bottom in the CRUCIBLE-X2 war info section under Roster thread. Thank you.
  6. Well I remember last tournament someone did this so I thought I would do the same. Crucible III Standings W- L- T [CBS] 7- 0- 1 [THIZZ] 7- 1- 0 [LPK] 6- 2- 0 [APC] 4- 3- 1 [tdH] 4- 4- 4 [ODC] 2- 5- 1 [*T$*] 2- 5- 1 [<48] 2- 6- 0 There's the records Brackets: CBS Vs <48 - CBS Vs - LPK LPK Vs ODC - LPK ------------- Vs - ThzZ ThzZ Vs T$ - ThzZ Vs - ThzZ APC Vs TDH - TDH That's my bracket how bout yours?
  7. Well with this ThizZ retires from Crucible and Call of Duty. We enjoyed the two tournaments and look foreword for Socom and the Socom tournaments in the future thank you for the the opportunity can't wait for Socom. Can't wait for UF Socom can't wait to play you all again. Screw Call Of Duty and bring on Socom.
  8. What's up to everyone here in the UF community. Just thought I'd stop through to see how everyone is doing. Shout outs to iLL, LPK, APC, SHO, and everyone else we got a chance to play with in Crucible 1. I'd imagine a lot more has happened since the finish of that tournament. I hope to see you all in Socom, peace! Oh, and Anyone who is looking for a nice active Madden league, hit me up.
  9. hey, im just lookin for a sig with a red and silver color scheme, with a picture from either "boondock saints" or "equilibrium". and if possible put Ronin:Socom champ along the bottom as well as Crucible 2 champ. if any1 is up for it please, i could really use a new 1.
  10. If you want your team in on the fun. you need to sign up soon. You are running out of time. If we dont have enough interest, the tourney will be laid to rest, so get your friends here to UF.
  11. Crucible-X2 sign ups are now up on the forum. We will have approximately 2.5 weeks of sign-ups. The tourney will start the last week of July.
  12. Dv8 Experienced our most heart pumping match last night. Good luck on your next match LPK. It was an honor participating in Crucible 2 & I love how the competition got stiffer as we progressed through the playoffs.
  13. so after a horrible stretch of not playing together.. 503 tried its return on CoD4 against some of the best , if not the best clans around. We got crushed from day one.. but along the way we really got back some of our teamwork and had a blast.. so with that being said.. thanks for all the asswoopins that we got in crucible 2.. and we look forward to some more come RA... 503 loves this community.. and everything that it brings.. thanks to all clans and admin that make UF possible.. see you all soon..
  14. Please copy and paste these indicating who you think is going to win. CBS - iLL TDH - SHO SWFT - ---> LPK - DV8
  15. Black Tide Division iLL vs BHZ DOM vs CBS TDH vs AoA DSY vs SHO Sidewinder Division Dark vs SWFT ---> vs OGC DV8 vs APC DSM vs LPK
  16. This is how this will roll. Copy and past the teams and signify who you think will win. I will try to keep track of them all and we will declare a winner at the end. You will HAVE to compete in all predictions of a tourney to be considered a winner. iLL vs BYE SxB vs BHZ BKNY vs DOM WDA vs CBS U$ vs TDH CBF vs AOA DSY vs >7< Sho vs BYE +30 vs DARK 101 vs SWFT \H/ vs ---> >N< vs OGC AOV vs DV8 APC vs THiz T$ vs DSM 503 vs LPK Do not post in here unless its a prediction!
  17. Guest

    silly question

    after crucible 2 i realized i have seen sequoyah on the forums, and red october, and a few others, and NEVER new what clan they are in because everything about them around here screams UF!!! would there be any way to incorporate their clan into their avatar/sig so they can give props to their clan. i understand they are important to UF, but without their clan, they wouldnt be a part of UF and would not hold these postitions. thanks.
  18. As the rep for the black sheep, I have been sent to ask, When the #@&* is the tourney going to start. My guys are getting a little restless. I've gotten 8 calls today alone asking when its going to start.
  19. SxB was taken out in a hard fought match tonite, and i wanna say thank to BHZ. the guys cant stop talking about how close this thing was. we would like to thank the creators for another great tournament, and the admins for all their hard work. looking forward to our first tacmap, and good luck to all those still in crucible 2...somebody beat iLL!!!
  20. GREAT GAME AoA. Sad to say our crucible run has come to an abrupt halt. It came at the hands of a very well prepared opponent and a great bunch of guys. Thank You Undertow and Sniper for creating a insanly addictive atmosphere in which to play. Thank you to the admins for putting up with and cutting through the shit for our amusement. Thank You to all the CR's and clans that always did the right thing and made it a fun one. Until the next tour this is Your Friendly Neighborhood Nacku signing off...................... Hoooraaah!!!
  21. 1 iLL vs 30 +30 2 Dark vs 29 503 3 LPK vs 28 U$ 4 DV8 vs 27 AoV 5 OGC vs 26 >N< 6 SHO vs 25 WDA 7 --> vs 24 BKNY 8 ThzZ vs 23 \H/ 9 TDH vs 22 cBF 10 cBS vs 21 Dsy 11 DSM vs 20 SxB 12 SWFT vs 19 BHZ 13 101 vs 18 >7< 14 DOM vs 17 APC 15 AoA vs 16 T$
  22. Pathogen-


    Saw the bracket on the crucible site....makes me wish we could have had a feature for like a march madness, with predictions, bracket busters, and all the fun that goes along with b-ball brackets
  23. GO give it a look see! http://www.urgentfury.com/crucible
  24. Well, after Call of Duty 4 returned iLL GaMeRS back into a clan, we decided to return to our original clan name of ToP BiLLiN. And with us winning the first Crucible, we decided a treat for the guys was in order. So, thx Sniper for putting up with me and creating EXACTLY what I had hoped for. So, all you UF junkies go check out our new home. http://www.top-billin.com
  25. TOW-19

    Good to see EIGHT

    Good to see 8 sign-ups for Crucible-X as of today. Looks like Crucible-X is gonna launch after all and maybe Xbox DOES have a chance here at UF! To all the new clans who've arrived here at UF for Crucible-X.....welcome.

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