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UF: Aftershock for Battlefield 3 on PS3 (Deployment 2)

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UF: Aftershock for Battlefield 3 on PS3 (Deployment 2)

Type: Teams Ladder


UF: Aftershock is the Battlefield tournament everyone has been waiting for.




Urgent Fury Presents: Battlefield Aftershock


General Details:


Sign ups: Now Open


Start Date: TBA


Team sizes: 8 v 8 with an option to play 12 v 12 matches. Default team size will be 8 v 8. Should both clans agree to playing with team size up to 12 v 12, they are free to do so. You must make these arrangements in ADVANCE. Use the Clan Rep section for scheduling.


UF: Battlefield will use a rotation of all current maps available for Battlefield 3. You should have your clan prepared to play these maps well before this tournament begins. Maps to be used in this tourney will be announced to the participating clans before the tourney begins by the UF Staff.


Map modes will consist of: Conquest, Conquest Assault, and Rush. Team Deathmatch will not be utilized.


Game settings will be customized. See the rule set below that addresses room set-up.



Rule Set 1: Rule Amending During Tournament Play


A: During the entire tournament, if there is a discrepancy in the way a clan or player perceives a rule, or the way a rule affects another rule in an unforeseen way, or in any instance where something was not covered within the rule sets to begin with, the following guidelines will be used to remedy the situation.


B: After the Admins find there is a complaint, the Admins will first offer an explanation/interpretation to clarify the intent of the rule and try to get tourney play resuming normally.


C: If the Clan Reps feel that the rule needs to be re evaluated, then the Tournament Admins will take the information and attempt to re-work the ruling in the best interest of the TOURNAMENT. This may or may not be applied to the immediate dispute. Clans and their Clan reps will not have a say in exactly how the rule is changed, but only to acknowledge that it needs to be addressed. The Tournament Admins will hear constructive input on the matter, and change the ruling as they see fit, taking into account the concerns brought forth by the Clan Reps, and the integrity of the tournament.


D: Once a rule is altered, there will be a forum-wide announcement stating so, but it falls on your Clan Rep's shoulders to MAKE SURE that your clan, ALL of your clan, is fully aware of the change.


***This is a simple disclaimer to make certain that tournaments can continue as smoothy as possible in the event that a rule was inadequate or altogether missing from the rule set. We are only human and mistakes CAN happen.



Rule Set 2: Beginning Procedures for Launching UF: Aftershock


A: The Urgent Fury Staff will determine the teams chosen to participate in the tournament after reviewing all submitted applications. The staff of Urgent Fury are not obligated to disclose any reason for not accepting a particular clan into Urgent Fury.


B: Once chosen to participate in UF: Aftershock, each clan is responsible for appointing a CLAN REP for their clan. This Clan Rep, or "CR," is responsible for all duties for their designated clan, as well as being in charge of informing all their clansmen of any updates and/or changes to the happenings in the tourney. In the best interest of your clan, PLEASE make your Clan Rep is the most responsible and most available member of your clan. They are in charge of getting to this forum on a daily basis to make sure your clan is informed of all happenings in this tourney. Clan leaders do not have access to the CR section. Please make sure you appoint a CR you are confident will be the best representative of your clan. If your CR drops the ball, your clan leader will be notified only once that he/she may want to consider another member to be their CR.


C: At any time, due to a lack of strong etiquette, a Clan Rep may have a Clan Rep vote brought against him. If that Clan Rep is expelled, your clan can appoint a replacement. If, after further instances, another Clan Rep vote is brought against your new Clan Rep and he is expelled, then your entire clan will be expelled from the Urgent Fury Aftershock tournament. We are not here to baby sit immature gamers. For your clan’s sake, make CERTAIN that your Clan Rep understands what is expected of him.

Rule Set 3: Standby Clan Alternates


A: No alternate clans will be needed for UF: Aftershock. Should a clan drop out or be removed before the start of UF: Aftershock, another applying clan will be contacted to fill the open position. If a clan is removed or drops out after the launch of the newest tourney, then their opponents originally scheduled to face them will receive a bye for the week.

Rule Set 4: Season Details


A: UF: Aftershock will consist of a Round Robin tournament. The schedule will be determined by the amount of teams that join. The overall win/loss/tie record of each participating clan in UF: Aftershock will determine its seeding for the single elimination playoff bracket.


B: Matches will occur each Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00pm Central Standard Time. This time is the match "default" time. If two opponents wish to schedule their match at an alternate 9:30 CST or 10pm CST start time, they can agree to do so. If no agreement can be made then the match MUST happen at 9:00pm CST.


C: Each match will consist of the week’s preselected map (as chosen by the staff) being played twice on Rush or Conquest Assault. Each team will switch sides after the first map. If needed, a third tiebreaker map will be played on Conquest, with minimal tickets. The designated HOME team (as listed on the schedule) will get to pick the map. The map will be picked by the Clan rep Monday of each week.

Rule Set 5: Clan Rosters & Player Eligibility


A: All clans that finally receive a formal invite to join in the Urgent Fury tournament are required to submit their most current roster lineup. Any player on your clan's roster NOT listed in the official lineup list will NOT be eligible for play in any UF scheduled war. There will be no dates in which you will be able to alter your submitted tourney roster for the duration of this tournament, including playoffs. Please double and triple check your rosters before the submission date end. UF is not responsible for inaccurate submissions. You will not be able to replace the ineligible name for the duration of the tournament.


B: Upon being selected as a participating clan in UF: Aftershock, all clans MUST submit a 1-roster list of NO MORE than 32 players.


C: You will use the UF ladder system to add players to your team.


D: At the close of the roster submission period, and Admin will take a screen shot of each clan roster. This final roster will be posted in the Battlefield Tournament section and made available to all shooters. If you add players to your ladder roster after the submission date, they will NOT be eligible. The only eligible shooters will be the ones on your roster at the close of roster submission.


E: Clan Reps, please take note. You MUST submit a player’s name EXACTLY how it appears in the game. If your player uses any numbers, symbols or punctuation marks in their name, be it at the beginning, middle or end of their name, the official UF roster MUST show that.


F: The only exception to the above rule "D" is that we do not count capitalization as stringently. All numbers, symbols and punctuation marks must be exactly the same from online name to UF Roster name, but capitalization is not counted. For example, "UnD3r_t0W" is counted to be the same as "uNd3r_t0w" noting that all symbols and numbers here are the same, only capitalization has been changed.


G: All clans are to check out EACH OTHERS rosters before the start of the war. If you notice someone incorrect on the roster of the opponent, you will message them immediately, so that the offending clan has the opportunity to bring in a legal player WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT FOR THE START OF THE WAR, or play the man down in the war. IF both clans green up without having to call on any ineligibility issues, all players are considered LEGAL, so if there is a case of ineligibility found DURING the war, it is too late, and the war goes on AS IS. This will effectively eliminate any practices of "allowing" a clan to green up knowing they already have an ineligible player on their team in order to get a free win.



Rule Set 6: Discouragements While In-Game


A: The following is a list of EXPECTED etiquette during match play as well as interaction between clansmen and adversaries on all websites, online lobbies and forums associated with UF: Aftershock.


B: There will absolutely be NO threats, remarks, insinuations, posts, messages, images or quotes involving the use of racial, religious or disrespectful sexual slurs on ANY platform of UF. Any record or instance of this kind will be dealt with swiftly from a player disqualification from the tournament to the elimination of the entire clan, depending on the severity of the incident and the number of clan members involved. The admins of UF will deliberate the penalty. You will not be able to appeal the verdict.


C: UF discourages the use of taunts and dancing/teabagging in game against other UF clans. If your clan feels the need to do this, do it in another tournament. While engaged in combat against another UF clan, there is to be NO dancing/teabagging on dead bodies and NO overhead taunts from one clan to the other. This tourney is based on and built upon a foundation of respect. We expect all to adhere to the ideals whilst playing in our house. Multiple infractions of this will result in a penalty handed down by the admin in an appropriate fashion.


D: Urgent Fury also asks that messaging through the PSN or any other out of game communication be prohibited {skype, facebook, cell phone, etc} to teammates OR to opponents. These types of out of game communication methods should not be used by your clan during tournament play. There is much more reward in winning with honor and losing with dignity in this community, than there is in cheating.


E: Only the Clan Rep (or the clan/team leader for that night) may send in game messages to the opposing team, and only in regard to making sure everything is in accordance with the rules.

Rule Set 7: Player Drops, No-Shows & Forfeits


A: At ANY time that a MASS DROP occurs at the BEGINNING of the first round of a war, the match is to be aborted, to allow the server to reset and try again.


B: A "MASS DROP" will, for the duration of UF: Battlefield, be categorized as such an event when HALF of the players from at least one team gets dropped from the onset of the first round. When this happens, all remaining players are to abort, wait five minutes and repopulate the server.


C: The Mass Drop must be recognized immediately. Clans seeing that only one or two players got dropped from their team and decide to unplug half the team to restart the match evenly WILL be disqualified from the war. This is an honor system and the rules for restarting after a legitimate drop were created for YOUR benefit. Please do not abuse them.


D: AFTER the first 3 minutes of a war, all drops, no matter how small or large, are to be PLAYED THROUGH. Basically, there can be, from time to time, server problems that we have to work through. Also, just make sure that the players you walk into the war with have reliable connections so they don't get dropped (ie, quit the downloading while warring. Be courteous to your opponents as well as your teammates).


E: No matter HOW MANY players from a clan show up, a scheduled match MUST be played at the designated time and cannot be rescheduled for any reason. If a sorely outnumbered clan wishes not to go through with their war, they can opt not to show at all and forfeit their match. The winners will receive full points for the win and the no-shows will receive no points as long as it is known that the no-show clan has not yet dropped from the tournament. IF it is found out that a clan has dropped from the tournament, and that particular no-show was the starting date for their absence, then the full points awarded will be removed from the winning clan's statistics.


F: The schedule for wars are as follows and there are to be NO exceptions:


1. A placeholder map will be the first in the rotation. This map will be Grand Bizaar, Rush. The server will launch with two players in the room. The attacking team is to capture all the M-Comms except the last two. When all players have entered the room and are able to move onto the correct team, both CR's will message each other they are ready and the attackers will capture the last two M-Comms, to commence the war. Please note this map does not count for anything, and the defending team is to allow the attackers to plant unobstructed. This rule will probably disappear after we determine that the matchmaking system Dice has promised, works properly.


2: The start of the war is to begin TEN(10) minutes after the scheduled start time. This gives both clans AMPLE time to get their players online and ready, though all clans should do their best to have all members in the lobby by the originally scheduled time out of respect for your opponent. If a clan does not have all the players on server at the TEN minute mark, the attackers will grab the last two M-comms, after sending a message to the other team.


3: THE NUMBER YOU GO IN WITH IS THE NUMBER YOU PLAY WITH. If you have late incoming clan members, they are NOT allowed to join the match once the lobby has launched into the loading screen. The number you GREEN UP WITH is the number you play with. If your clan is caught illegally subbing during a war, then your clan will automatically LOSE that war. The 2nd infraction will result in your clan's expulsion from the tournament, no questions asked. This also includes players who get dropped and can't, for some reason, get back on. If the dropped player, because of connection problems, cannot log back into the war, then the war finishes WITHOUT him and his team plays short a body. No other member of your clan may join the match to replace the missing gunner. If this occurs, the clan is disqualified from that war with the winners getting full winner points and the forfeiting clan losing all available points for that match.


4: Under NO circumstances should the start of a war be held up for ANY reason. People, we know there can be a courtesy here to wait, but we encourage you NOT to, and to begin the war AS scheduled. If you cannot get clan mates to your war at the time designated, then take that problem up with your player(s). There is NO GUILT in requiring that a clan green up at TEN MINUTES after the designated time of the war. Some clans caught on this may say that forcing them to start short-handed, but on time, isn’t very “honorable” of the other clan. However, the way the situation should be looked at is that THEIR player not showing up is showing both clans no respect. The wars start ON TIME.


G: If, by fault of the game, a player is spawned UNDER the ground or, by any normal account, spawns in a place not set by natural game standards (typically known as a “glitch”, then that player is NOT to engage in any combat and is to immediately leave the game and come back. IF a player takes a kill from one of these "glitch" points, then that offending clan will immediately lose that war and all rewards associated with that war. The player knowingly breaking the rules will be subject to expulsion from the tourney.


H: If, during the course of the war, a drop occurs where the entire room is dropped with the exception of one man on one team, the server is to be reset and the war is to pick up using the remaining ticket numbers. A clan will not gain a win simply by being the only clan in the room. Only players involved in the initial war can re-enter the server . This is not an opportunity to fill up some no-shows who finally made it online. NO NEW NAMES are to participate.


I: From time to time, there may be server problems immediately following the release of a patch for the game, or a system update. The most evident culprit is lag. If, on the night of a war following a patch's release, lag seems to hamper the most fairest game possible for all clans, then UF reserves the right to cancel all wars for that night. When a mass war cancellation is announced, no wars will be fought and no records will be recorded. An announcement for a cancellation will always be issued here on the UF forum.

Rule Set 8: UF War Match Parameters



Home team will host the server. They are responsible for ensuring the room is set up correctly. There will be no tolerance for improper room set-up. Improper room creation will result in automatic forfeit of that round. If this occurs, Server Admin will have 10 minutes to correct the issue and the server relaunches, with the second round being played first.


Please make sure the room is properly set up well before hand.


It will be known that ALL maps for the entirety of UF: Aftershock will be comprised of Rush, Conquest Assault, and Conquest GAME MODES.


If a clan uses any banned weapon in UF: Aftershock AND obtains a kill by that banned weapon's use, the infraction will be recorded by the opposing clan and the map is to play on AS IS. The clan in violation of this rule will forfeit for THAT map and the opposing clan will be awarded the victory for that map. Repeated abuse of this banned weapons rule will result in that clans removal from UF: Aftershock. Please make sure that all your players are aware of the parameters for that night.


Home team will inform their opponents of the server name on Monday of each week when they choose the tie-breaker map in the Clan Rep section.


The parameters will be similar to a hardcore match. The room parameters are as follows:


Create your own new preset to save the rules. Server type, PRIVATE. See Video

Friendly Fire: YES

Kick idle player after seconds: 900

Team Balance: NO

# of TK before player is kicked: 15

Ban player after number of kicks: 99

Vehicles: YES

Regenerative Health: NO

Only Squad Leader Spawn: NO

Show MiniMap: YES


Use MiniMap spotting: YES

Use 3D spotting: NO

Kill Cam: NO

3P vehicle cam: YES

Show Enemy Name Tags: YES

Player Respawn time in %: 100

Player man down time in %: 100

Player Health in %: 60

Bullet Damage Modifier in %: 100





Rule set 9: Playoffs


A: Playoffs will be a single elimination bracket following the end of season play.


B: Seeding will be based on final standings at the end of the round robin schedule. In the event of a tie, the higher seed will be given to the team that won the heads up match between the tied teams


C: Each round of the playoffs will have an assigned map and mode that will be released at the start of the playoffs.


D: The Finals will consist of a best of 5 war. The order will be Rush/Rush/Conquest/Conquest Assault/ Conquest Assault. Home team choose the Rush map. Away team will choose Conquest Assault Map. Staff will decide Conquest map.

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