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  1. Do as you may, it addressed more then URgent Fury. I hope the other directors really take a look at that post, if they still have it, and improve.
  2. The source is Joystiq, and it is a juicy rumor. I don't think it was assumed it was all true.
  3. They must not think anyone plays just single player. And to be "online" on the XBOX, doesn't taht mean you are paying just to play a game, that you already paid for? XBOX live subscription I am referring to.
  4. Yea I saw that the other week. It is pretty BA.
  5. Got a regular Dk party going on. lol
  6. Damn yoiu must know carnage. That is right up his ally.
  7. I have a feeling you all will get the competitive bug again. Look forward to playing with you again soon.
  8. Holy crap you made arcs a leader, there goes the neighborhood. LMAO Good luck guys, Change is tough, but necessary.
  9. This is fuggin ridiculous. Almost an ENTIRE month before the release on the PSN. Christ all mighty!

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