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  1. un ufb4 do we have to pick a map pack 2 map cuz i heard it was ols maps
  2. to me they just look lighter n darker but not much of a diff but ya if you put a moon in the top right that would look pretty sweet
  3. i kno what you meen by it looks bad ... and i wasnt going to argue with him i was just telling him what a few ppl in my clan said ... but sorry for the disrespect
  4. i didnt make that up ...when did they talk you out of it cuz nasty told me you left yesterday and for some reason i didnt see you on yesterday ?? ner ways i rele dont care man .
  5. something like this but with like flames in the backround maybe and maybe if you could better fonts i dunno
  6. oh and a lil something to do with urgentfury. sorry
  7. he accually just did it because he left the sheep and hes in a clan thats in the BoH thats why he wanted the urgentfury thing gone he came to this community to use ppl and trick them into making sigs he isnt accually lettin his brother play on that name
  8. the main picture a dark angle with a sythe or what ever those things are called. clantag:[zZz] name:..HAVOCSHEEP.. a qoute saying: KeeP RuNNiN BuT YouR GuNNa DiE TieRd and if you can fit it put ..BLaCK-ShEEp..
  9. oK so ive tried to make my own sig but for some reason it just wouldnt work for me .. what i meen by that is i cant figure it out.. so if someone wouldnt mind could they make me one if i posted what i wanted on here plz and thanks if not its fine im good without one ill just keep tryin ;D
  10. i dont need a sig but i was just wondering if anybody could tell me how to make the letter look good with the pictures instead of just using the text colors n stuff....if noone can help me what ever but alot of ppl do them good so if someone could just tell me thatd be nice ....thx
  11. if ne body wouldnt mind could they make me a sig.
  12. they all say countnsheep and teflon was someone elses old name
  13. Buddy im the real havoc its ok dont worry bout it
  14. LMAO i kno haha i think its awsome tho ...hmm if you kno how why didnt you make yours lol ok uhmm i want zZz on it my name on it ..... i duno you just make4 something and ill use it idc
  15. lmao i kno everybody is asking so i felt like i should too
  16. im not on right now but i will be in a bit i have to wait till my brother leaves