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  1. <div style="text-align: justify;"> So the US Army is making the most realistic game ever More...
  2. all account and password info released in plain text. if you shared your psn password with any account tied to the same email address and haven't changed it already you better get on it stat.!/lulzsec
  3. Just received a text from ESPN: Mortensen: New OT proposal for playoffs approved (each team gets possession if 1st team kicks a FG). So far it's only for the playoffs, hopefully they amend it for the regular season too.
  4. If you haven't got the text yet go update your phone they enabled picture messaging woot.... I just tested it, works great. IPHONE FTW....
  5. I going to choke my son!! Last month when I saw he had over 300 text messages in only the first couple of weeks of a new cellular plan.. I called sprint and had it up’d to 1000 text messages per line.. A thousand text messages!!! I just got my bill.. Dad 3 text messages.. wife 11 text messages.. Daughter 24 text messages SON.. 2686 text messages!!! At a price of .20 for each over 1000 I just got a $324 additional charge! I’m going to fricking kill him!! How the hell do you even manage to text two thousand six hundred and eighty times in one month!!! WTF!! Arrrggggg!!! Ok I’m not going to kill him.. of course.. but steam actually came out of my ears!! I kid you not!! I’m going to sledge hammer his phone (not kidding!!) Anybody need their grass cut? Their car washed.. I will ship him to you and you are free to use him as a SLAVE for a mere $2/ hour until he earns $324!!!! ^&%*&^#[email protected]#@!# Son of a #(*^$#*(&(*#!!!! Serenity Now! Serenity Now! Serenity Now!
  6. ACTIONS BABY ENABLE THEM ALT+F9 Regular Boring Text same old shit ! After Me applying Actions (laser) BOOM BABY Some fire Sexyyyyyyyy
  7. Just got a text on my phone from ESPN, can't find a story just yet. Good move by the Chiefs I say.
  8. NO CHEATING!! Don't be researching the internet for the answer. I really want to know if anyone really knows the answer to the following question. DON'T RUIN IT BY LOOKING IT UP!!! Question: In the context of money, where did the term "buck" come from? Example: "You owe me 100 bucks dude, pay up!!" Let the guessing begin!
  9. Hey, I was hoping someone could make me a sig based upon the picture I provide below. I believe it was J-Rite who made me my urgent fury sig and I liked what he did with the UF sig. If possible, I would like a similar format to what he did before but without the UF banner. For example, if you could make it a similar length and width as my UF sig. Also, if you could take out the text already shown in the picture and replace it with "(--> Bleach". Unfortunately, I don't know much about how sig making works. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out with this!!
  10. We are having a contest at work for a trip to the Super Bowl. If I can get the most people to send a text to a # with my code in it I will win the trip. The # to send the code to is: 57533 And put my code: p00045784 And you are not signing up for anything. Its just for the contest. If you guys can help me out and spread the word to any friends or family I might have a chance to win this. I work for Alltel, so Im not sure if you can send the text from a non-Alltel but it wont hurt. Thanks everybody
  11. Has the text and smileys decreased in size lately here on the forums or are my eyes going on me?
  12. Can want to start playing around with sigs and ps3 themes, can someone recommend a program that is relatively inexpensive.... I dont need many options (resizing, text, and 'lasso') thanks.
  13. Let me know if you get into the clan so i change the recruit text. Hope you like it, if you want anything changed just let me know.
  14. WiZ

    UF Forum question

    Is it just me or is it hard as hell to see where your cursor is when you want to place it in the black text box? Is it an option I can change on my pc? If I preview something and there is a mistake I go back in and its a pain to place it just right. Anybody???
  15. I thank you all for voluntarily participating in getting some text-messaging vengeance back on a very ignorant individual. I've taken the thread down containing his number, as I believe ONE day of filling his inbox is PLENTY. Thanks for the help. He hasn't bothered me again. ;D ;D
  16. i dont need a sig but i was just wondering if anybody could tell me how to make the letter look good with the pictures instead of just using the text colors n stuff....if noone can help me what ever but alot of ppl do them good so if someone could just tell me thatd be nice ....thx
  17. The Black IV rules have a small update to them, and it simply includes in the text that [email protected] mines are also BANNED from UF Black IV tournament play. Please inform your clansmen. Thank you. - TOW
  18. Which sig should I go with, ya I love playing with photoshop ;D. This is for the APC forums, text to be added at a later date. Hester: Venom: Anubis The Reaper
  19. Hey guys. Anyone know of a TRUSTED and TRIED website to get good ringtones? Not one of those that constantly sends you text messages trying to get you to buy crap. Thanks for any help.
  20. Guest

    This is pretty cool

    1. select the text in the quote. 2. ctrl-c 3. alt-d 4. ctrl-v 5. press enter I saw this on another forum and thought that it was pretty neat.
  21. so i have been checking them out.. and sure beats the logitech kb price of $70.. just dont know how comfortable it would be.. i cant imagine it would be any worse then text msging on your phone? ? any info would be sweet...
  22. Text: [bDM] LuckyEmerald Subtext: My Way Or The Highway Pictures: If Possible a Dragon of Some sort. This was my old signature done by a member of the Radejr. Clan. If it is possible to crop that dragon or just remove the "Team Radejr." and replace it withe my new text please do so! Themes: Same as old Signature Colors: Green and Black Size: Normal size for a signature. Thankyou for taking the time to look at this and/or respond. Please PM me, or leave a comment as to whether it is at all possible to make this signature for me. Much appreciated, LuckyEmerald
  23. Has anyone seen this site It translates your text into some ghetto Check it out....