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    Halo 3

    i think it would be cool seeing more online halo 3 tournaments. just saying like maybe Urgent Fury could hold a few of them. i know alot of halo teams that would be interested including mine. 4^4 MLG settings only.
  2. lol yeah i live in Dallas texas 1 of the main MLG circuits.
  3. yup yup should be we were getting tired of the playstation cause of no competition and have you ever heard of Major league gaming? this is also the reason were goin to the xbox platform is to try to earn some bucks. lol if you havnt heard of MLG go to its pretty cool!
  4. sounds good yall could be our first scrimmages on the xbox 360 cause we havnt moved platforms yet... its still in the making.
  5. hey guys im the leader of the clan Ring of Valor we are on socom and about to move to call of duty 4 and xbox 360 and halo 3 i was looking at yalls site and saw your goin to host a call of duty 4 xbox 360 tourney and was wondering when it is goin to start! reply bak to let me know please thankyou god bless..
  6. could i please get a sig. just make it look cool this is what i want on it though go ahead and picked the image or whatever. thankyou socom name LONG clan name uNrEaL TaLeNt clan tag uT FYI and im the leader of clan [uT] thankyou so much whoever does this
  7. thankyou if anyone wants to set up a scrimmage visit our forum i will do the same with yall.... thankyou all again [CTG]
  8. lol nah kmart i couldnt hurt you... maybe just a lil ;D
  9. whats up thanks for making me feel welcome. lol and yeah kmart mom is cooking chicken tonite and if you steel my girl im goin to florida to kick your black ass.. lmao
  10. thanks for the welcome and yes we will be interested in scrimmaging anyone... ill visit some websites l8r and set some shit out... thaks again guys.
  11. hey guys wats up im from clan [CTG] covert tactical group. just stopping bye saying whats up we are goin to sign up when there is a next socom ca tourney feel free to visit the site and register on the forums thankyou