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  1. [OGC] Tcrew

    who is....

    ok....well in that case if there is anything we can do to make this thread worth your while then please let us know...sorry it wasn't good enough for you. APOC I guess you caused this dumb thread
  2. [OGC] Tcrew

    who is....

    the mystery has been solved....
  3. woohoo I solved the mystery
  4. based on that response, it is APOC.....I vote for APOC. Anyone else besides me and RNG?
  5. Start up a rap thread again...and if the guys chimes in and the rap is outrageoulsy gay then we can assume its APOC.
  6. they were just working for me....i played 2 games or so and got off and wasn't booted
  7. How many of you guys in the STL,IL, and Indiana area got the quake at 4 in the A.M. and also in STL I think we just got another one just a second ago around 10:15ish
  8. [OGC] Tcrew


    yeah, it shows you where claymores are on your screen. Even kinda shows up thru walls. Nah that is bomb squad.....sonic boom is SUPPOSED to make grenades and stuff have a larger blast radius
  9. Just think all those dingleberries represent thousands of dollars...EWWWW
  10. I agree, someone shitting themselves is hilarious!! Especially over a video game war.
  11. That story woulda have been a hell of a lot cooler had you shit your pants.....too bad you didn't ;D
  12. You also cannot forget that we were in a heated battle in COD. LOL His wife was on him pretty hard to drop the controller and to do something about it.