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  1. RicanKurupt

    I'm Back

    Hey Guys I haven't been on here in a long time... had alot of things going on in my life but now everything has settled down and i'm back. You might know me from two different clans first was BKNY, then I was with T$, When BKNY shut down. I was on PS3 but now i'm on the xbox360 with the Willy Clan. Hoping to bring my Clan into the community here because from what I remember this was an awesome place and I bet it still is... hope to be Gaming with you guys soon.... Rican
  2. Damn I tried but i couldn't get in.... I didn't have a pass to get in but i still drove down there its only like a 4 hr drive. so i got there and was praying that some one outside would sell me a pass so i could get in but no luck :'( but i have neva been to anything like that before everyone was in costumes i felt all out of place lol Sorry but i tried
  3. RicanKurupt


    ok i have to work in a few hrs so i should try and get some sleep GOOD NITE UF
  4. yea thats what i found out but i'm tring to find a way in somehow....... wish me luck
  5. Thats good to hear that Sniper and his fam is ok...
  6. Isn't it like, sold out? i'm going to find
  7. I was thinking of trying to make it out there since i'll be in san Diego anyway on Friday if i get to go i'll let everyone know how it was and i will post some pic of the day for my trip
  8. let me know the plans i live 3 hrs from vegas u can count me in as long as we stay far away from the gay bars and men with Micheal Jackson outfits. lol
  9. Yankees has been my team since i was a kid and i won't hide it i'm a yankee fan.....yea!!! lol
  10. Best of luck sniper... actually this past Sunday where i live we have a flood and i was stuck at work for like 5 hrs cause i couldn't drive because my car is to low to the ground... so i know it sucks being stuck somewhere where its hot as hell.... shit it gets about 115 here where i live( By Death Valley in Cali)