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  1. I remember a thread up for losing weight what happened to it? Anyways anyone have any good suggestions on losing weight other then exercising? Any good diets? I was looking to drop about 10-15 pounds.
  2. So my cc was declined last week. I used another then got busy and forgot to call and ask why. I travel out of state and this afternoon I go to get gas and it gets declined again. Then I remember I was supposed to call about that. So I call. They stopped my card on the 11th due to charges being made in South Africa and two holds for $1 each for Avis Rentals. Of course I hadn't been in South Africa trying to get rental car or buy any of the other items. My conclusion - I was a victim of the PS3 hack. Was anyone else a victim?
  3. It's been a while since i've posted on UF and i don't remember this off hand but is there a recruiting section?
  4. The video on the left is from MW2(duh) and the one from the right is a guy driving around an area in Vancouver, Washington. It’s amazing how picture perfect the level is in comparison to it’s real life counterpart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTOyxsnMl0s&feature=player_embedded
  5. You guys remember Onlive? Well I received an email from them about 3 days ago saying they were online. They also said in the email to sign up to be a founding member and you would get a free year so i went for it, today i received an email saying im in. So i finished doing it they asked for my credit card and well i put a Walmart visa card so right now im installing. Did anyone else get an email from them?
  6. RicanKurupt

    I'm Back

    Hey Guys I haven't been on here in a long time... had alot of things going on in my life but now everything has settled down and i'm back. You might know me from two different clans first was BKNY, then I was with T$, When BKNY shut down. I was on PS3 but now i'm on the xbox360 with the Willy Clan. Hoping to bring my Clan into the community here because from what I remember this was an awesome place and I bet it still is... hope to be Gaming with you guys soon.... Rican
  7. Remember the paper .1911 that a member of our clan made? This demo gives a much better vision of just how impressive this thing is. BTW! The silencer is also home made.
  8. idk how many of you remember the original doom but i saw this and brought a good laugh and waves of awesome memories
  9. http://www.urgentfury.com/podcast/spoof_ads/ I remember when these first started coming out an just by looking at the cards you can see many an old clans on them. Not only that there funny also,so i was wondering you think a new deck would ever come out.


    Anyone remember this show? I was a kid when it was popular, so I would imagine you would have to be your 30's or older to remember. Well they are remaking it. Looks kinda interesting. On a side note. If your a fan of Lost, I'm guessing Julia is officially dead, after viewing this clip.
  11. http://forums.socom.com/socom/board/message?board.id=confrontation&thread.id=394200 Go check it out and chime in as well... remember, don't go bashing anyone (though they deserve it) this is a good oppertunity to show what it means to be a UF Clan.
  12. Everyone remember that EU Blog post sayin that there would be Tie Breaker rds and 100% Random Medleys? It's been changed and no longer includes those items. Hopefully this doesn't mean anything but don't keep you hopes up.
  13. aight im a bit smashed right now and i just walked in the door and i gotta tell sumone so fuck it imma tell you guys tonight i hit up a party with my boys and shit was great there was dancin and beerpong i got my ass kicked by two hot chicks that ran the table then i was talkin to my boys bro tellin him i got his brothers back and shit no matter what happened and went back to playin beer pong and shit then maybe 30 min we took a break from it and couple guys stepped outside to smoke some shit and we hear a commotion outside i open the ddoor to find my boys bro gettin the shit beat outta him then suddenly chris was right there in it then another guy smashed my boy upside the back of the head and i jumped in and hit him a couple times i remember catchin his teeth with my fist and then next thing i know im on the dirt and i hear people screamin then my boy picks me up and is like we gotta go lets get the fuck outta here so i get shoved in a car and we are gone and then the car ride i kinda blacked out and now im here typin this shit to you guys like wtf we left my boy there and shit
  14. I used to have a program that would resize my pictures and would allow me to do multiple pictures at once. I can't remember the name of it but I would like to find something similar to that does anyone have an idea?
  15. Ok you guys remember I put up the thread about my 21st b-day well I thought I would let you know what happened. Ok so I ended up sick with a stomach virus the weekend before my b-day and it lasted until the 28th of June so I never got my drink. I ended up getting my first legal drink on the 4th of july lol. Now what do you guys think I started off with?? Ill hint that I had a lot of drinks, but this was the only dark one I had and was forced to drink it 5 times in shot form.
  16. Those who remember watching the movie may find this game freakn sick: http://www2.sega.com/aliens// Woot motion tracker: For those who forgot or too young to have watched in the theater:
  17. Hey guys I know there was a post about these and a comparison of some. I am on my cell posting this since i dont have a computer so it is hard to navigate. So what I am asking is can you guys recomend some good to great headsets for my phone and even ps3. I heard that the jawbone was good and some others that i cant remember right now but can you guys suggest some for me? I want something that is comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. thanks
  18. LOL remember this game for the computer? It was always a fun game to mess around with. I just picked it up off the PS Store. Hopefully it doesnt suck LOL
  19. I don't ever remember seeing this posted here. Godzilla from our clan turned me onto this website last night, and it is sick. I'm definately spending some cash here. ;D http://www.thinkgeek.com/
  20. The render of sub zero. I know its someone from 30 up. Anyone remember? Uncle sid? Puddytat? It was a LONG time ago.
  21. Invites for the new series of Black, UF: Black January, will be posted tonight on the forum promptly at 10pm CST. Good luck to all those about to embark. For those that aren't, remember, UF: Black February is RIGHT around the corner! - TOW
  22. Remember when the US Army was recruiting gamers big time.. Army needs a few good gamers Well its finally starting to pay off.
  23. So I was finally able to online and register my name new name. For those who don't know me or remember I changed my name from Deutscher75 to Lockdown a few weeks back. My new online ID is: Lockdown4 feel free to add me, I'll be on SOCOM most of the weekend for those who want to shoot it up. Also Tow is the midnight mass still on COD these days? Or has Ravenfall made the switch back over to SOCOM?
  24. Hey people I just got my hands on Photoshop CS3 Extended last night and got to toy around a little this morning. Does anyone have any OLD sigs or .psd files still in layers and whatever that I can play around a little bit so i can learn this program, id like to become involved in Sig Making in the Near future. I learned this program in 2003 while studyin at ITT Tech, but at lot of it has to be done before i can remember it.
  25. Remember the magazine we all downloaded for nothing! Well we should all get 3 more codes a piece on friday!

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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