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  1. No need for that chiamira, we will continue to do what we do best and move forward. And Joe considering we just got our vent channel on November 7th, I think it's a pretty slim chance we were using it before then.
  2. No but we never once stated we were using OC while competing here at UF so once again, No we didn't break any rules and no we don't cheat. Simple enough?
  3. Really Joe, It's a little humorous that you (The all respectful one) would be the first one to name drop and then say there is something wrong with us. Yes TNU only plays BF3 now with the exception of a few members who play League of Legends and yes we us outside comms to play BF3. We openly came out and said it in order to give other clans the opportunity of trying it for themselves. If we felt it broke rules in any form do you honestly think we just be like "Hey guys, just so you know we are using OC"? No, we don't cheat, yes we use OC in public rooms on BF3, yes I am proud that our leve
  4. Yes, we (TNU) use outside communication while we play BF3 and to be honest it will make us all the better when it comes to tournament time even if we arent allowed to use OC. I say this because our current communication is allowing us to know what our goals are, set squad responsibilities, and make sure everyone know what there role will be when it comes time to compete. We will not need the OC at that point because we won't need to instruct our players on what to do, they will know already. Clans can point the accusing finger all they want when the time comes but we know what the situ
  5. I think people are looking for something extra when it comes to sequels though. Rather than the same game simply redone, people want to see them improve it. You can say they are with COD Elite but to be honest its really just them finding ways to make extra money off of something that should already be included in the game. Same goes for "Monthly DLC" Fact is that the first 6 months of DLC are already completed and could have been shipped in game, but by them not including it and asking people to chip in $10 bucks a month its a way of asking for Pay to Play without making players feel force
  6. its alright but how in the hell are they able to render out dinosaurs pretty well but the muzzle flash on the guns looks like a lightning bolt flashing on the screen. Not to mention the render of the destroyed planet looked like something on PS2. Dialog and all that was mediocre though.
  7. Yea I'm going to be gettign BF3 but TNU is also looking into Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. GR:FS has added a lot of properties I have been waiting for including the suppressive camera shake, hacking your opponents, and teamwork incentives to help capture intel.
  8. Yea the cars and large skylines give it away but the building textures and shading are almost perfect.
  9. If they can pull this off on the next console I'll be floored.
  10. Hey fellas I picked up 2 whole chickens this afternoon and I'd like to do them in the smoker on Thursday. I figured I would stop by and see if anyone had any suggestions for dry rubs or injection marinades.
  11. While I'd like to see it happen why go with Socom 1? Why not Socom II or S3 which most people seem to favor over 1.
  12. no, my clan mate just got the YLOD on his old 60GB and sony still allowed him to upgrade for $99.
  13. lmfao that hilarious. Glad that prick got what was coming to him