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  1. Ok for those of you who have Netflix and want to watch it do this! Go and log into your netflix it will ask you to sign into psn do it. Obviously right now the PSN is down so it will say Maintained etc hit ok then let it load it should ask either once or twice more do it then the NF will load up im on Netflix watching movies right now!
  2. Looking for some more to add to my instant, so I can watch on the ps3 when I am bored. I just watched the new karate kid, and have all 3 old ones on there. Along with 24 seasons 1-3, and over the top with stallone, looking for some more. Movies, tv shows, dont matter lol.
  3. I will be organizing this forum during the next few days. i have broken up the large forum that was Sports/TV/Music/Movies and i will be moving the threads to their designated area. I ask everyone to please put new topics in the correct section as i am trying to make this more convenient for everyone I will also be adding other subforums for big topics in the near future.. Thank You Disfsk3x14
  4. so before anyone says it, yes, this should prolly go into the "movies" section. but this is not about movies. this is about america, and john wayne is about as ameri-fickin-can as you can get. they remade true grit? they reinvented rooster cogburn? this is not about a movie. this is about a shitty economy, a gevernment that is full of crooks, and now a remake of a john wayne movie. you cant remake a john wayne movie. it would be like rewriting the bible. it would be like flamebroiling a big mac. it would be like a gay lil bowtie on a good ol ford. what the hell has happened to this country?
  5. http://movies.ign.com/dor/objects/14343587/machete/videos/machete_trl_trailer_red_band_72210.html
  6. Ok well I like to from time watch a movie online, as most do now-a-days. Well my favorite place to visit was recent seized by the US government. So I was wondering where you guys go to watch movies online. Here the link to the old site. http://www.movies-links.tv/index.html
  7. What's up everyone?? About a month ago I launched a site called The Definition of Awesome. The main idea is to post things that are awesome so that people can rate/comment on them. I've gotten quite a bit of traffic so far so I thought I would share it with you guys. I have been rating things such as music and movies as well so I'm sure there's something for everyone. Click the link below to check it out, create an account, and start having some fun =] If you have something awesome to submit, do not hesitate to do so. I'll post it up <a href="http://www.thedefinitionofawesome.com">The Definition of Awesome</a>
  8. CpDude05

    Netflix on Xbox

    WOW! Why didn't I get this earlier?? I love it, all the movies I can watch and tv shows. All for 8.99 a month, SWEET. There is a party thing i noticed, what do you do with it??
  9. jc what peoples top fav movies are heres my list 1-A Knights Tale 2-Men of Honor 3-I am Legend 4-Band of brother series 5-The Whole nine Yards 6-The Longest Yard 7-the express 8-xXx 9-Caddyshack 10-saving private ryan make a list i wanna see what you guys got
  10. I have a chance to get "Letters from Iwo Jima" for $17.50 and Max Payne for $15.00 on Blu Ray. Wondering if you guys saw these movies and what you thought of them. Are they good? Great? Worth the prices? Or should I just rent them first? All comments appreciated; thanks guys.
  11. looks pretty cool actually and johnny depp was an obvious choice http://movies.ign.com/dor/objects/14219277/alice-in-wonderland/videos/sdcc09_alice_wondr_tease1_1_072209.html
  12. Guest

    Boondock Saints sequal!!!

    Boondock Saints: All saints day is in post production and supposadly scheduled ot be released later this year.. IMO Boondock Saints is one of the best movies ever made.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boondock_Saints_II:_All_Saints_Day
  13. I cant believe this! I used to watch this show when i was a kid.. Crazy stuff... http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org/actor-david-carradine-found-dead-bangkok-ap I guess he hung himself? Wtf.. shit must be tough post stardom..
  14. i just got back from the movies, and obviously i watched the new terminator with christian bale in it. it was great! despite all the crap bale has been through with the media lately, he made a really good john conner.. the cgi AAHHHNOLD was kick butt too.. i recommend this movie to everyone
  15. Let me clear this up first, I don't want to know the best movie you seen, but rather the best quality movie you seen in blu-ray. For me 300 is one of my favorite movies I seen quality wise, but Black Hawk Down is one of the best movies I have seen. I am looking to buy a new movie, but I am stuck not knowing what to pick. I have a full 1080p so I want a movie that's gone wow me with color and effects and a movie that's pretty damn good! Post Yours Please
  16. The Farely Brothers are putting together a Three Stooges movie. Can I get a HELL YEA? http://indiefilm.movies.yahoo.com/article-9-/
  17. I got my PS3 and I got my 40" Sony Bravia and now all I need is a kick ass Sound System! With the new TV I am now eager to watch movies over and over again and in blu ray duhh, but I just bought my first Blu Ray movie and it was Die Hard the last one Bruce made and it was a kick ass movie and everything was great, but the sound was not where I wanted it to be so now I am in search of a system. What I want.... I want a system that's gone deliver some nice ass bass for my action packed movies and will be nice for playing SOCOM also. Money... I really don't want to spend no more than $300 to $500 big one's, but if I have to I guess I can go a lil over budget, but that's something I will then have to save for. So where is my GOAT these days?
  18. I want to put together a list places to watch TV shows & Movies on the internet. (NOT Torrents, legit streaming or downloads) Besides the network websites.. WB.com, CBS.com, etc.. Examples: Surfthechannel.com Hulu.com etc.. Just Reply with url Thanks
  19. Before they were closing a "few" stores in hopes of consolidating and restructuring. Yesterday, Jan. 16th, Circuit City announced that they will be closing ALL stores in the US. Right now, they have 10% off all games and movies (yes, that means PS3 and Xbox) and 30% off all accessories for gaming systems. http://www.circuitcity.com Go check it out if you need anything!
  20. They have all the classic movies out on Blue ray (Rambo1-3, T2, about 20-25 titles) I just picked up a few- They are remastered and 1080. I had to get reservoir dogs... 10 bucks!
  21. COWonCRACK


    Open range, and Equilibrium are Two really good movies. I was just curious if anybody had seen either one of them Especially Equilibrium, cause Equilibrium came out around the time of matrix and got overshadowed, but i think in alot of ways its better then the matrix.
  22. Guest

    Testosterone Tearjerkers

    So, I just watched Gridiron Gang for the first time(for D-dubYa I paid for it) but I have an admission, I tear up on some movies. It made me think, I wanna list of the "Male" movies that make you cry. Here's a short list to get started... 1st Gridiron Gang since I just watched it 2nd Rudy Duh 3rd Best of the Best The end makes me cry everytime.
  23. Hey guys I want to see one of those movies. Can anyone give me their personal review on one or both of them. Thanks guys! Right now I am leaning towards Tropic Thunder.
  24. I can't stand the guy, but he's got talent (squandered by his last movies, but still) I just found out that Tarrantino had a long movie script that was split into two movies....he sold the script for the lowest amount of money you were allowed, $50k. This money went to fund Reservoir Dogs. This cheaply bought script became two of my favorite movies: True Romance Natural Born Killers kinda interesting ya?

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