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  1. I have played with hLx a couple times.. a good group of stand up guys..
  2. On behalf of my brothers at Hollow\H/Ground I would like to wish you all and your families a safe a happy holiday season. May spirits be bright and love fill your homes. God Speed Fury-ites!
  3. Is Chain Reaction going to be a SOCOM TACmap? All over the site it is listed as a CoD4 TACMap. Just Curious so I know wether or not I should be getting ready for possibly both Black and CR or just black. Thanks
  4. I would agree with Tow. I do not feel this should be offensive, as you could be blown up half way across the map sometimes without meaning to. Unless "trash talked" about the suicides, I would not take it as a "taunt" towards myself..
  5. Good luck to all, From Hollow\H/Ground...
  6. My setup is a couple years old, but I am running a Bose Lifestyle 18 Series. It does not have HDMI Support. So All I do is run HDMI from my PS3 to my Samsung 55" DLP 1080p and then Monsters 1000 Magnolia series Fiber Optic Audio to my Receiver. Works wonderfullly in game and on Blu-ray..
  7. Actually cables.. Component, Composite, HDMI..
  8. What type of Video do you run? All you would need to do is make sure the system you buy has an input and output that you run your PS3 on. Personally I run a Bose, though I think that may be alittle much for your application, they do make smaller versions for setups like this.
  9. Thanks for the Reply Tow.. We just had this issue on our Forums. Apparently we overlooked it again here.. Thanks for the input. I cannot wait for this tourney to start. It has been awhile Since I have been in a UF tourney. Urget Fury 3 Confrontation TACMAP Tourney I was in, was a BLAST!! Take care guys and catch up with you guys soon.