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  1. I like it. I cant help but laugh it's cool. I just made a few new sigs today so into gfx again for a bit ;D
  2. I hear you does the same to me I'l start praying for a patch soon
  3. Ok crashed again while on socom also I got demoted after winning a match. Wierd.
  4. Yeah forgot to say mines is up
  5. Amazing you are my hero seriously that is heavy.
  6. PSN just went down again, the website stopped working and everyone in my socom game got logged out of psn including me anyone else have this problem?

    Socom Fans

    Yeah I think the maps are cool but I have my suspicions about the owners. I think I've met them before and I wouldn't trust them if it's the same guy.
  8. Same here I'm hoping its a big fat socom update clogging sonys arteries.

    Socom Fans For all you guys playing Black matches. SxB might need it more but it's a kick ass site so I had to help show it off. 3d maps are pretty cool.
  10. Ok here is mine: I tired to stick in everything you said and keep to your colours I looked for reaper leaning on somthing then just cut out this dude and the crahsed lambo as I didnt like the images of mustangs I found. There is a big fire ball as a background and I made a new border for it. I noticed a few reply so if you dont like mine thats cool but incase you do - then add img codes dont know how to paste it like the other guys did.
  11. Hey everyone thanks for the replys looking forward to the next couple of BLACK matches might see some of you guys there.
  12. If you still dont have one yet I could try it.
  13. I know it's all uncentered, it was part of the chop and place look for the gun so i continued it in to the rest of the border with things not fitting properly what I wanted. Thanks for the reply and now youmention it it does look scruffy.
  14. Most sites have a little section for introductions and I wasn't sure how it worked here as we are all already part of clans but I figured a little introduction would help all you guys get to know me since I'll be whoring around here now too. Anyway getting started I joined SxB 6 months ago and quickly snatched socom off the psn store to play with my new clan as part of UF Black. I tired to sign up on the forums here back then aswell but wierdly it took until today - my fourth attempt to register until I was accepted. Now I'm here and here to stay lol. I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland, so t
  15. I was trying something different with this border I used a wallpaper of an m4, then made the the basic two shapes before drawing the gun parts with the pen tool and a white brush. Yet me know what you guys think I'm using that border for my current sig aswell but there is a link too the orgional image before resizing and spoiling the quality.