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  1. See John your wrong. No one initially left last week. We withdrew from the tourney. These recent posts are withdraws from the site. Two totally differed situations. Obviously in the staffs eyes it's an attempt against your site BUT in reality of the situation it's far from the truth, I can not speak for the other clans who left but it's the lack of foresight or handling of multiple situations and assumptuious remarks. None of the recent events were handled with die diligence or future thoughts. This is my final post as well..I've been a member Here for at least 5 yrs. Spent most of them just trolling the site and never talking much. The reason is because it's always filled with sly remarks and drama. It was fun in the "old days" and tolerable recently. Best of Luck to all... Peace "X"
  2. I think it's pretty sweet how two totally differed topics were merged into one. And the other thread was locked.
  3. Just got my tapatalk... It's really not that bad. Makes navigating pretty easy from the phone. Guess I can't lock threads anymore with my fat fingers... I'm sure Tool is happy. Haha. X's Forum Whoring IPhone via Tapatalk.
  4. WRONG technically she is a full fledged VR memeber who posted a app looking for a clan, not in any other active clans. She does not wear any other tags and particitpates with frineds. so if anything shes a rent a player to GB not UF. get your facts and rules straight fellas. she has gone through a very extended tryoput process lasting over 2 weeks. Theres a HUGE difference in these to situations SO now the admins will try to flip the script....GO for it. thats what weve come to expect. you dont need to worry about removing her from the tourney BECAUSE we already left.
  5. im sure we can take clips from our recorded video. As far as the throwing the tide...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? so ringers are aloud if they dont have a direct impact on a game? that last statement is absolutely absurd. Im at a loss for words on this entire topic. So they were caught using "ringers" and theyre penalty was....? losing those 4 members. All the wars theyve participated in since the last roster change should be forfeited for every time one of those 4 members played not to mention the minimum 1 yr ban. I believe the clans here backed out for 2 reasons...we wont play with cheaters and if UF allows cheaters then that must be the type of community the ADMINS envision. the penalty doesnt fit the crime, we're not asking for AIEL to have a lifetime BAN....whatever wasting my time.... PS Shane please define "throwing the tide" is it a certain number of kills or a certain amount of captures or defenses.....?
  6. well I dont compete in GB and when thier posts on their forums talk about GB and an "unknown memeber of U" sees that. I TO would go look at their GB name to see thier clan and how good they are. WHAT its not smart to size up the competition. I still dont find anything fishy. How do past clans get caught, It starts somewhere...to me where and how it started isnt the issue your making it out to be the issue is they were using "staked/ringer/ not correctly merged PLAYERS" thats the issue most of the UF clans have NOT how it came about.

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