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  1. Hell this is just keeping it going.......COU will be out till the Finals.....I'm done with this.......pretty shitty end.....but it is what it is, I will see all the clans in the finals, good luck to you and yours in black guys.... And your right, Tool started the riot act and I will defend myself guys, it is who I am........Guys I want you to read thru each page before posting and slamming COU for god it all I never even attacked anyone till I was attacked and WE ARE OUT........and now everyone can get back to whatever they want to do......peace.....People can read the rules below....thanks for just taking pot shots....good stit Seq, great rep for staff Read the rules guys, no blasting of clans or members.....nice Job Seq
  2. LOL Now this is fucking retarded and Seq, showing true colors butt hurt?? Yea as a staff member your really fucking mature and its fucking sad....I could rant and rave and get all pissed because you are now attacking me personally....please tell me where I'm crying or whining??? Please...and Tool, I wont even address you, not even worth it to me, just a drop in the bucket.......God I remember the way UF USE to be.....d respectfull staff, so attack me and us all you want, I'll still be standing.....with my guys, who actaully know me. If you asked any of them, they would all tell you the same...."Saint only cares about his members and how to better the clan and socom/UF community.So I speak my mind and I just get bashed and bashed and bashed....fine....but dont GET BUTT HURT when a man defends himself. Everyones tough over a fucking computer.....COU will sit out, we have no problem with that. The issue was never really hearing or recived a pm that you needed someone to sit.....So when we saw our name its was very odd timing and the rest of the bandwagon can sing along....and you guys can keep going and going.......its worries........ Chilli made the most sense and showed what a TRUE staff member should act like....thank you for atleast one person not jumping on thier bash box.....
  3. Ohhh Jesus......listen, read my post, Tool it had nothing to do with you and if you want to crawl up the cross and nail yourself up there as some martyr, thats fine,.I wasn't lambasting you and I have been in UF allot longer than you have my friend and have always appreciated the community and the gaming. Never question that. Now just because you jumped on a post THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU OUR YOUR CLAN......this will be another soap box for you? I'm a Ranger for a reason, I speak my mind and have brought good ideas and concepts to the community, but I will never be a yes man. I will speak my mind always, not saying you are either, but thats why I am where I am.. Jesus I already said, COU is fine with the decision, why people feel the need to post on this thread other than COU/Uf staff, is beyond me, but people will say what they want, I would appreciate any other posts or whatever be sent to me through a PM like an adult please.......and if you feel the need to post here. Be from COU or UF Staff. Thanks
  4. Tool, what does this remotely have anything to do with you.....and Jesus I think I could find 100's of post about you praising this and praising that......we get it, .... let the staff and COU handle this one and Red was just making an observation, there are enough of your"Praising" posts out there, I don't think the staff needs another one, I'm pretty sure they know it already
  5. Its all good, the "powers" that be picked out of a hat........we will sit out, no bitching from us, we'll get attacked anyways.....its all good we love the comp here and the people........but its just ironic this happens in the recent events.....its cool, already planning my vacations now:) As I said before COU wishes good luck to the clans for August, we will see you guys in Sept.......good luck...
  6. Yea keep in mind, its teh first time I saw this about contacting me after picking us out of a hat???? Its cool bro, no worries, whatever needs to be done bro......its easy boys, good luck to all the clans......
  7. LOL picked out of a hat? Without discussing this with the leader? Me? We would always do that for the UF community....if asked, but thats not the case apprantly around here......see you guys in Sept apprantly........good luck to you luv uf... Good luck UF....its all good, I will work on my tan a bit more Good luck to our regular opponents.....Its cool gives us a chance to relax and its all good..
  8. [RIP]saint52

    The Clan

    Yea we just wished they did more episodes.
  9. LOL yup exactly, stop resisting sir!!!!
  10. HEs and idiot, he would have felt like a moron if he was on a silent call(no siren,lights).......hes a stupid ass. And when did going 90mph get scary??????? lmao
  11. Hmmmmm...shock some of the captives I have in the shed, always a good time ;D
  12. Is this what UFS for?? Not that I mind, I enjoy harrasing people:) just saying
  13. Someone whos real super smart MAybe the guys fromChoas tactics, cuz they did so well with theres