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  1. LOL hey puddy and thanks John yep everything is okeedokee artichokee.. Hope things are going good for you as well.. I try to stop by every now and then, things are looking awesome around here. Peace Yo Goat
  2. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:Compatibility> <w:BreakWrappedTables/> <w:SnapToGridInCell/> <w:WrapTextWithPunct/> <w:UseAsianBreakRules/> </w:Compatibility> <w:BrowserLevel>MicrosoftInternetExplorer4</w:BrowserLevel> </w:WordDocument> </xml><![endif]--> Well heck if this topic doesn’t deserve a GOAT post then what does? My most memorable? On the Playstation? Wow that’s not really a one answer question… I mean there are so many, my first time playing Socom… that would be Socom 2 … my first time playing with a clan that would be PBK (PointBlankKillas) on again Socom 2 way back in the day. Back when PBK was #1 in the entire world of playstation Socom.. back before Urgent Fury.. back before COD “which was just a fart on the horizon at the time” back before there was anything other than SOCOM. Urgent fury was after all started and developed primarily as “ as place where Like minded Socom Gamers could compete against one another in a friendly and respectful manner” that was it that’s why this place was started. Its idea was to provide an environment free of glitches and cheaters in which clans could compete to see who was the best at SOCOM. And yes I’m getting off topic but anyone who knows me knows that’s going to happen.. At any rate it was all about SOCOM and specifically SOCOM 2 as far as anyone was concerned we all imagined and thought we’d be playing SOCOM forever.. as things turned out well that just didn’t happen and so ,,, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow (which was awesome by the way). Ghost Recon, etc. etc.. whatever they all just haven’t provided that SOCOM 2 feeling *( just my opinion is all) so yea that would be the most memorable since it’s the only real memory worth a sh*t playing SOCOM 2 clan vs clan in the good ole days. Now why the heck did I bother to come here and post after such a long time away.. well I’ll tell you its about “THE DIVISION” this games looks to be the ONE… I mean the one that gives us back everything we got during those early days 10 years ago. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this one … I refuse to play COD “its just not SOCOM” other games hold some interest but not so much.. Rainbow Vegas was great on co-op not so much otherwise …(sort of like SOCOM 4) there won’t be a SOCOM 5 who else besides me is sick of the so called “next installment of COD” Ghost, black ops, Modern Warfare.. etc. etc.. whatever pick a title and stick to it I say.. which isn’t saying much since none of them encompass everything we had in a game that was made 10 years ago… but along comes a Clancy Title that gives me hope… that excites me.. that makes me *want to actually buy a PS4 just to play this game.. enough so that I posted a “GOAT POST” on UF So that’s it.. that’s why I stopped by … I’ll say by “hellos” to anyone that knows who I am and shout out to the community that I’m gearing up I’m coming back.. the old top ranked clan may even get back together to play what looks to be the game of the century “The DIVISION” Let’s all hope it lives up to my expectations.. let’s all hope we once again have a game that isn’t played for a few weeks or even a few months until the next version is released Let’s hope this one hits the mark and gives us a title that deserves its own 10 year anniversary when that time comes. I’m ready to come out of retirement.. I’m ready to challenge all comers.. I’m ready. All I need is a game I can sink my teeth into.. a game that brings back that old SOCRACK feeling.. a game that makes you get off of work early because its all you want to do.. I haven’t been able to say that since SOCOM 2 but I’m going to cross my fingers and give it my all for “The DIVISION” to right the wrong and gives us all back what we need. Peace Yo, GOAT. <!--[if gte mso 10]> <style> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman";} </style> <![endif]-->
  3. He's a supporter of UF? so he's sort of a "Athletic supporter" right? Welcome Doc, any friend of Viper is a ... errr well welcome anyway.
  4. Yes Bandit, Thank you for mentioning the Ranger team since it gives me the opportunity to thank the staff members who kept an eye on things for me. I especially want to thank Ranger Officers Ghost and Hippiechik for their management and commendable assistance during my leave of absence. Although not right away, I plan to spend a great deal of time on some re-organization and involvement within the Urgent Fury Rangers. Given my rather lengthy and prolonged time away from the homestead over the past couple of months. I need to do some catching up on my “to do list†both for home projects and other business task. I should be good to goat by the end of the month and feel confident in the Ranger Officers ability to continue to handle things until then. For now in concerns to the UF Rangers my immediate plan is to focus on considering new candidates for invitation to the Ranger team. So Shane, do I hit the triangle button first and then jump to prone or do I work on the timing so that I’m hitting the triangle button while in mid air? LOL Appreciation for the kind words. Wasn’t even that long but I really missed the community and the brothers and sisters of Urgent Fury. Feels good to be back
  5. Snow, Status (UF) and Socom Snow What!! It’s snowing! WTH? This morning here in the frozen tundra of MLPS I woke up to a inch and half of snow cover.. Since this is MN, normally that’s not unusual but April 20!! A few days before Easter! Are you kidding me!! In what was a record year this year for snow fall which left an eight foot snow pack that only a week or two ago finally melted away I’m simply damn tired of it! It got me rethinking my theory that our calendar is inaccurate, erroneous and just plain outdated (pun intended). This came to me early in my childhood when I was perplexed over how we could always have seven days in a week yet some months were 30 days, some were 31, and for some reason one was only 28? You can imagine what I thought when I found out we had to add a day to February every four years just to make it work! I imagined trying to explain my birth date to an alien from another planet.. “I was born on this year which is how many times in the past our planet made a full circle of our sun, and on this month which is the period our planet is tilted at a certain angle and this day which is the number of times our planet spun during that period on that count of our planets sun orbit cycle.. “ Huh? … Just when is Star Trek’s star-date system going to kick in and fix all of this? Status .. I’m out of the loop.. A job on a lake home construction project in the middle of “bumfukegypt†better know as northwest Wis. put me temporary living in a RV, fairly isolated, no internet and even cell service was sporadic at best. Traveling back home every other weekend to touch home base and resupply left little time for personal pleasures such as visiting the illustrious Urgent Fury forums. When I finally was able to catch up.. I was like “WTF is going on around here!!†LOL. Without going into detail (since I’m still trying to figure out the details anyway). I will say this.. First- I as well as my clan have no plans to leave UF, seek other tournament venues nor have I even considered doing so. Second- For those that have left… well best of wishes to them. UF has and will always be an open door community. Members are free to visit, stay or go as they care to. I’ve lost count of how many members have left, only to come back later as well as how many have choose to stay the course. I realize removal of membership status at times occurs and some times members don’t have a choice.. however, I also know that on almost every occasion membership suspensions are temporary and given time many membership disagreements are resolved and former good relations are reestablished. Our community members should try to keep this in mind when conversing and interacting on our forums despite the current status of an individuals membership in UF. Third- disputes, allegations and implication. Yeah ok, life isn’t fair.. who said it was? Lose with dignity.. means just that.. buck up! Get them next time, deal with it.. etc etc.. I wonder if Sniper and Undertow still have to laugh when yet again another allegation of director misconduct occurs at UF? I’m sure Demo does.. LOL. It is part of what being in a community of clans is. Sure some times, somebody is going to get the short end of the stick. Hell who said we we’re perfect? Having been witness to the effort made by both the former owners of UF as well as the current administration to maintain as impartial and unbiased as possible in dispute resolutions I simply don’t see any justification for suggestions of this type. When deliberating hard decisions what is most beneficial to the community as a whole is the main concern. That doesn’t mean the staff is always right it simply means the most effective means for given validly to a counter stance is respectful debate and courteous statements of refute. Lastly- staff and director cohesion? Who else is married? Has a business partner? Is a co-captain of a team? An argument with your spouse, a business disagreement between partners, a difference in opinions between clan leaders.. all of these occur they don’t necessarily mean a clan is breaking up, a partnership is dissolving or a marriage will end in divorce! If all the directors always agreed and staff was just a bunch of what good would that be? Yes there are disagreements sometimes even down right arguments but that’s just part of trying to do the right thing. The day the entire administration agrees totally on what is best for UF is the day I’ll get worried. Socom- It’s here .. fricking finally!! Although I had the beta code almost right from the start, I haven’t had even a small amount of time to spend on it.. My beta playing time was 0 days, 0 hours, 13 minutes! LMAO! Getting back yesterday I headed to my local game shop first off in the morning, I was looking to simply pick up the game.. however I did the math and couldn’t help but want the deal the shooter, navigator, cam kit offered.. Well of course I was told, “we only got enough for pre-orders, did you pre-order it?†errr No.. but I’m not that stupid, they may have had a midnight release but I knew darn well Beer Buy and other dept stores didn’t, I hit the Burb Buy and lo and behold sur-nuf … one had my name on it. I’m way behind but so far I simply don’t know yet.. after such a long wait.. (again) I had a hard time associating this release with what my idea of what Socom is.. Out of the box… No LAN? That sucks but I can live with that… then ohh. I guess I have to charge up this new shooter parts toy.. no problem my trusty controller will be fine.. On to game play, errr where is the Lobby? OK never mind I’ll just start out with some single play to get a feel for it. Hmmm .. a lot less button functions to think about.. let’s jump right into hard (guess the highest difficulty is locked for now) thank god! That wheel of death is gone! Cover? Cover who? Oh ok sort of like RBV.. well not really.. OH shit … so I guess cars don’t make very good cover! LOL.. Does every AI have a rocket launcher? My movement is rather sluggish.. (max out the look speed) ok that’s a little better.. errr over the shoulder view? Only? Ok whatever.. let’s switch to left shoulder.. OK let’s not because I can’t.. Man I’m glad I’m not left handed that would suck… Get away from that car you idiot!! Damn! I’m dead! What are my team mate AI’s doing.. err ok nothing except getting in the way.. Yeah now that’s the Boomer AI I know and love! That was about it for the first go .. I’m going to try my now charged up shooter contraption tonight… I’ve already moved the couch to a position where I can hide behind it well and I’ve cleared an area on the floor in front of the TV for that jump to prone move.. LOOK out Socom here I come.
  6. Fair warning.. yeah.. It's a Goat post.. .
  7. That’s pathetic.. and seems to always be what eventually happens in COD titles.. but to tell the truth these days Socom isn’t that much better.. unfortunately it seems game developers have taken a give them less to stop cheating approach when as usual they can’t do anything to stop cheating and all they wind up doing is stopping honest people from enjoying the game. I feel a rant coming on…. Give me the power!!!.. I want it to be similar to a LAN game. I want to customize my game I want to choose the maps I want to play or at least eliminate maps from a medley. I want RANKED custom private games.. yeah like Socom three had. You need a min of six players? Sure why not whatever! It’s not about ranking up! Cheaters who want to rank up will always find a way! Basically unranked rooms just wind up being a goof off session. It’s about earning trophies (if you want to) while playing with your friends or at least not allowing pinheads in the room. Or idiots that vote you because quote “that guy stole my kill!†whatever! LOL. These days it seems like punks are voting other people for any stupid reason they can come up with.. oh his handle is Goat.! Well we don’t allow farm animals let’s vote him! Besides he’s too good let’s vote him! he went left when he should have went right.. let’s vote him! Sheesh! Is there any wonder that in the pre Socom confrontation titles over 70% of Socom players never played online! And for those that did they did so because of the clan support and because of private setups that allowed honest players to compete.. people (*cheating dickheads) that want to rank up have infinite ammo or whatever will always find a way.. these same people justify it by exclaiming it’s too hard otherwise. like a crying noob or something. they don’t realize “SOCOM is not supposed to be easy to master. Its a game that requires practice, knowledge of the maps, and patience. These are things you learn the more you play and the more you play the more you become addicted to it.†I never cared one rat’s behind about stats or especially leader boards… the first 100 names on a leader board are usually so far above everyone else that it would be impossible to get without some form of cheating.. does anyone really believe leader boards are a true indication of skill? As far as rank is concerned that’s easy don’t give any rewards for rank! Start everyone with every weapon and attachment available. It’s a game of tactics not a game of who has the better gun. Rank should be only an indication of how much one plays the game and their skill level and be only a means to evaluate your own personal stats by tracking your improvement or identifying what you may need to work on. Nothing else. Game developers need to get a clue they can’t stop cheaters.. why even try.. stop assuming everyone cheats and the only way to stop it is to control as much of the game parameters as possible.. that doesn’t work! It’s being proven time and time again. How long will this premise keep going? Stop making me play with these people and if that means by allowing greater control to me you make it easier for them.. SO WHAT!~ just make sure that for those who don’t cheat they have a means and can play together with friends void of pinheads and cheaters comprised solely of others that feel the same way so that the honest people can enjoy the experience. Is that really too much to ask?
  8. I’ll just ignore all this other crap and focus on the question. What I know (or knew) about the Sea Snipers.. The biggest thing that stands out is their creation of Maps.. not just basic maps but very detailed and in hi res. Their maps were great and (although I’m sure their intent was for their own clan ) they often shared them and wasn’t above letting others use them.. They also created “Tac whiteboards†which allowed folks to draw up tactics along with the use of the maps.. these were great and again the SS didn’t mind sharing. What else I know is they have been around for a long time. I know this since they were a clan I was interested in before joining PBK and that was back in 2003. Why I was interested was because they were more concerned with attitude and camaraderie than a players skill level. They were dedicated to cheat free play, they were devoted to respect and honor and their clan mates were brothers who held the same values in terms of playing the right way in online gaming. I also know that after a E3 showing (can’t remember what year?) but from it they worked on the official guide for Socom 3. One of the better guides done for a shooter title. Past that I heard about the switch to RBV on the box etc.. but I never got more info on that. Ok so that’s what I remember.. so what would I ask them today? Well first I’d ask what was the major factor in switching from Socom to RBV? And I’d follow it up by asking since RBV (despite being a very well done title) is now an older title.. what plans do they have for the future and what titles do they feel they may compete in. I’d also ask if their core membership remains and are they still active in recruitment. I may also touch on things such as are they still doing any map creations and for what titles, how do they feel about the announcement (a while back now) that no more Rainbow Titles will be made. What their thoughts are on titles like COD and the current Socom.. I’d end the interview by praising them on their views on respect in honor in gaming and note they were a large voice in the past on this view... Finally I’d ask what they feel the future holds for the Sea Snipers and then just sit back and listen to their response. Hope this helps Fury, as for the rest of the stuff in this thread.. yeah whatever… p.s. Or was this interview question by Path? who's doing the interview anyway? Either way hopes this helped path or fury or.. whoever.
  9. To better get to know Socom I'd say if you don't have a 1st gen console break out or find a Ps2 (can be had for cheap enough on ebob) and instead start with Socom II along with Socom III CA.. Play the campaigns on single play to get a feel for the third person view and general controller settings than do some old school online play.. along with some Socom CA co-op. This will give you a far better idea of why the title is so popular. You'll find there are still a good number of folks playing online with the older releases. After that than confrontation will make better sense, from it's less popular aspect as well as why Socom is so dear to many of us. With confrontation the better graphics and res are indeed a welcomed change.. however my personal opinion is Confrontation simply doesn't live up to my expectations of a true Socom release. Something you will understand only from playing previous versions. Although the graphics of course aren't that great given the ps2 versions.. the overall game play and feel for the title are more exemplified in pre Confrontation versions. So do it justice pick up Socom IIICA (easy enough given its greatest hits status) break out, borrow, steal or buy a ps2 console if you don't have a backwards compatible console and play the real Socom first.
  10. What? you weren't here? errr that is.. I mean.. err.. WELCOME Back I missed you. yeah that's the ticket. LOL Sure NUF .. shogun of UF
  11. This thread is hilarious.. I also didn’t have a lot of spare change this x-mas season. I did get the kids a couple of nice gifts but that didn’t leave much for the wife. So I took some art my daughter did along with a letter I had my son write his mom thanking her for all she does and I went out to the garage and made a nice boxed frame.. cut some glass to fit it and whalla! A Christmas gift that didn’t cost anything yet came from the heart. p.s that “dick in a box†thing had me thinking for a while though.. but I’ll save that one for her birthday.
  12. A 60gb paperweight... LMAO! yeah it's too light for a boat anchor. I'm sort of waiting for Dub's report myself. I'm also debating the slim or the refurb? I mean slim's go for around 3 hundo but I've seen working 1st gen 60gb's go for way more than that on ebay. Hope sony doesn't decide to up their cost before I do something with my 60gb... paper... weight.
  13. On release night I'll be watching "TRUE" Grit. on my old VCR player with my tape of True Grit starring JOHN WAYNE!!!
  14. No wonder that guy pictured has ps3's that don't work.. well ventilated does not mean placing them on the stove and turning on the vent fan! I already bought a new slim to replace my fragged 1st gen 60gb.. so I can either get a refurb 60gb or a new slim for $129? They didn't offer to just repair the console you send them? I mean I like my console, I took care of it.. it's in perfect condition (except for the fact it doesn't work due to a fried GPU) without any scratches etc.. replace the GPU and send it back to me... But, I guess that isn't possible? bummer.. so either get someone else's broken and now repaired 60gb or goat for a new slim? I've already hooked up the old ps2's so I guess the backwards compatible doesn't matter any more. Looks like I should take them up on the slim replacement? p.s. by the way did you just call Sony's support number or do you know of a better number to use specific for things like this?