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  1. ain't seen that name in a while,how ya been?

  2. Mission: Fun games of Socom Night: Saturdays Time: 7pm central until Game: Confrontation Last week after a great midnight mass friday saturday we hosted our room as planned before the mass returned friday.This is an open invitation to all who wish to play some old school fun maps or some new school maps even.We had around 15 of us or so last week showed up.Even a couple different clans out there.Though again this saturday we shall see who shows for some old time fun of shooting someone and them staying dead.Always a plus.As well as being able to hear your team mates.
  3. so we sitting on four clans so wish this could happen would be fun folks really fun.
  4. Say bro,how goes the month of january for you?

  5. look forward to next weeks mass tude, we followed saturday with a night of confrontation.had a few folks join,not too many but a few.However friday depending on work I should be there once again.Will send you a message letting you know for sure.
  6. Socom is no more,which is sad to say.The casket was closed with Socom 4,the best we will get to play now on ps3 mp is confrontation.Least for now.
  7. lol thanks man for the heads tickets already paid for as is my room.and actually have my girl staying with me so am contempt for the moment lol.Nice another 5 to play against goody.Look forward to it though,wish you the best of luck as well.And thanks for the offer UF though am already representing my boys I've ran with for years now lol But definitely will meet up out there Booger.Be interesting to play against ya.Something new for sure normally shooting against ya in game now gotta shoot in real life yippee lol Anyhow I'm out catch ya guys later.
  8. is the apa and the dates are in apologies as we just finished regional so now comes nationals.
  9. thanks D vegas is fun been there before just not for this so will be a new experience.None the less am off for the evening thanks though mate.Catch ya later.
  10. Thanks greatly bro.Will keep the info up to date in reguards to it.
  11. Sup nash bro.Glad to see ya joining us back.Hope to see you back on PS3 real soon brother.