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  1. I might me the only one to say this... I was given BF3 for free, and I still couldn't stand it, and mailed it of to another clan member for free... even paying the postage because I was that happy to get rid of it. It reminded me of the period the clan wanted to try Modern Warfare, so I bought the game, played it maybe 3 times. Respawns are for people who dislike thinking. Doesn't matter what you do, you have another life hanging in your locker, and when you throw that life away.... SUPRISE..... there is yet another life waiting for you. Repeat as many times as necessary.... no thinking required.
  2. I was playing SOCOM almost every single night, and I was having a great time. The clan didn't get on until 8 pm so I was chomping the bit until them. But I have a job so Sunday through Thursday I had to jump off at at 11 pm. But Friday and Saturday I was on until 2 am or later. I spent hours formulating plans on our next UF match. Who to attack next. How and when we should do it. Playing chess in a sense to minimize our weaknesses and maximize our strengths. Cajoling my clanmates to believe in a system and game plan, to play their roles so we could be most comptetative. Having an active forums where all sorts of things could be discussed. Having an active recruiting section of our forums because we had a reputation of competativeness. Having a community that kept us busy nearly every single month of the year. But I don't do that stuff anymore.... because SOCOM no longer exists. Thanks Zipper Inetractive. You gave it life, and you aborted it. Take a bow douchebags.
  3. This is for real. Follow the link to be amazed.
  4. Speaks volumnes to a representative government that is responsible to the people who elect them to office.... don't you think? If you are looking for someone to thank, let me help you out. Our Founding Fathers who had the wisdom to set up a Constitution that put the PEOPLE in charge with FREQUENT and REOCCURING elections. If someone is not doing the job that they were elected to do.... unlike a dictator, they could be EASILY replaced. If you think your voice and vote doesn't matter, think again.
  5. Nope, I know. Censorship is not bad... until it happens to "me". Welcome to the club Tow. Glad to have you finally on board. Took you long enough to see the light... but you have arrived.
  6. Say bro,how goes the month of january for you?

  7. I didn't expect any replies to this one. Fellow old schoolers are in the house. How about one from the most underated band in the last 30 years? Music video's from the 1970's are pretty cheesy, but the music... ahhhhhh.
  8. 1. Wrestling is indeed fake. "The Body" can't take one hit. 2. Chris Kyle for President. 3. You can't complain after jerking on a chain and then find out what's on the other end. You should have never of been jerking on the chain in the first place. 4. Jesse Venture knocked on his @ss.... LOL. No really, I mean, LMAO. Bad news Jesse, not only do you have time to bleed, you have time to lay around on a bar floor while doing it.
  9. Meatloaf and the baddest piano boogie you will hear this side of Ray Charles. And lyrics you can understand too. Those were the days...
  10. 120 views and no replies.... a personal record. Not even my own clan agree's with me that much. I hope the silent agreement is about what's best about being an American. I just have to travel from the Black Sea to the China Sea to finish my trek around the world. I know, the "Don't Tread On Me" spirit only exists here at home, because I haven't seen it anywhere else in this world. I feel lucky, and obligated to be an American. I feel lucky, because there is no better place to live on this planet. I feel obligated because I'm expected to be self reliant, because freedom requires effort, no one is going to give it to you. You have to "take and defend" it. Because there are people on this planet who want to take freedom from you, and make you a slave. God Bless America and all those who reminds us what makes America great.
  11. <iframe src="" width="420" height="421" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> A fitting tribute and two fine comparisions to those at the Alamo and Thermopolye. A point well made that those Volunteers in Texas and those Spartans in Greece were soldiers who's duty it was to put themselves in harms way in defense of their fellow citizens. A point not made but just as important, those people on United Flight 93 did not know that they were placing themselves in harms way and would be fighting a enemy that they probably didn't know existed before that day. There is so much heroism surrounding the actions of those on 9/11 that I could spend all day writing about it, but then who would spend all day reading it? So in the interest of keeping this relatively short I'm just going to talk about just one of those acts of heroism. The time we started fighting back. I think of things that are often said by those who witness the heroism of others. Admiral Nimitz during the attack on Iwo Jima of the Marines who fought a tough, determined, and well dug in Japanese enemy: "Of the Marines who fought and died, uncommon valor was a common virtue". Indeed uncommon valor was alive and well on United Flight 93. Learning that the United States was under a coordinated attack, using passenger jets a missiles, and they were now intractably involved. They had only two choices. To sit quietly and wait to for a rescue attempt or to die. Or they could choose to do something to take control of their own fate. No one on the plane was looking to crash and die. They were fighting back to live and defeat a cowardly enemy who attacked us through deciet and secrecy. Their intent was to take control of the plane and have an American pilot on board take control and safely land after wrestling control from the terrorists. Once realizing they were about to be defeated, the terrorist pilot purposely crashed the plane in Shanksville Pennsylvania. With little time and little information to process what was going on around them, they organized quickly, and they chose to fight. On that day they would not be bullied, intimidated, or killed without resistance. On that plane, those brave souls started our national response to the terrorists who would kill us for no other reason than their own self gratification. Those citizens turned warriors showed the entire world what's best about the United States, her citizens, and why we are the last best hope for all people yearning to live free. The hero's of United Flight 93 also showed their fellow citizens that beneath it all, when push comes to shove, that we are all Americans. We share a common bond. That freedom is not free, but comes with the highest possible cost. And those hero's surviving family members tell us, that it was a price worth paying. Those surviving family members feel a completely justified sense of pride, and only ask that we remember. Today I am writing about what struck me most that day. But that in no way means it was the most important event of that day. The first responders in New York City and those at the Pentagon, their heroism is in no way less than that of United Flight 93 passengers. They too need to be remembered and I want to acknowledge all the lives the NYC first responders and military personnel at the Pentagon saved that day. It was just fate the passengers of United Flight 93 were in a position to tell our enemy "the hell you will" and be the first to spit back into the eye of our collective enemies. Those hero's represented their country and fellow citizens with uncommon valor.
  12. Neither was Monday night, but there was no whining then. Since JyK decided to hit on 101st, I'll hit back. Some bullshit happened then too, but no one is reading about it. Lose with dignity ring any bells?