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  1. I was wondering does anyone here uses Onlive at all? And If you do use, can you tell me little bit about it? Like How you use it (ie. Download the app on your PC or not) Is it only games that you just play online and you don't need the game on your system? Or do you need to download the Game? I Have created an account and Downloaded the app but before go any farther, I would like more Info on it. Thanks, Solo Soldier of 101st Screaming Eagles
  2. I think another good game would be TheGodfather, even though the mp maps are somewhat small right but I'm hoping for TheGodfather 2 to come out. And also Mafia and Mafia 2. Plus the GTA Series as well. I do love the gangster games alot and are very fun even if you dont do any missions at all. What everyone else thoughts on them?
  3. Thank god that they stop the cheater for awhile.
  4. Thats is a great job. I wish i could mix it up like that of even just as half as good as him. What programs did he use to make?
  5. i have it to and it is fun. It could be a lot more fun if i had some to play with
  6. who all have this game? and does anyone wat to play online
  7. later guys and look us up(Lizards Army) and we can do a scrimmage anytime and see you guys in the next UF
  8. i cant wait till socom confrontation is out cuz i am going to get it on the day it comes out
  9. andawg i bet you use the HDMI cables but you dont have to even thou its better. you can just buy the component video cables and then you wont have to change back and forth
  10. i live in Chicago and and i just seen this today and i cant go this year at all
  11. i use firefox and like it alot better then ie