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  1. Just got home from watching Captain America in 3D. We enjoyed it.
  2. Only for real men ... Bahahahahahaha!
  3. Ok, I just found where to change it and changed my timezone to CST but at the bottom of the page it says "Your current time is 11:10 pm." Is something not set right within the UF site itself because it is actually 12:10 here. OMG, I'm so confused!
  4. How do I fix my timezone settings? My settings here on the forum are way off. It is showing that it is 5 am-ish and it is actually just after midnight. (I'm in the central timezone.) I thought I had fixed this but I guess not.
  5. Welcome to UF!
  6. HAHAHAHA! Now I know why I was always getting called NippleChik! I thought the thread title said "Happy Birthday Nipple." OMG! Shane, thank you for the birthday wishes. 29 and holding. ;-) And now if I could just get this thing out of my mouth ...
  7. What say ye?
  8. Ummmm, does anyone know this song? Wrong crowd? Chaka in drag singing this? Not funny? Oh well, I amuse myself.
  9. hahahaha I have been 29 for 3 years now! I still feel 25!

  10. Thanks Johnson! I'm trying not to think about it too much because in my mind I'm 29 and holding!!

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