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  1. -I would add that they need a lobby system. Not a party system, a good old school sit in the lobby and bitch if you want system. -I also don't like the weapons Mods, all weapons should be available and customizable. - The mics and controllers need to be fixed first.
  2. Although he is a cry baby sellout now. lol
  3. Insid you have the same exact pic in your sig as Mike Jaxon. Just letting you know. I figured you would want to be different.
  4. Just what we need, Demo. Another camping map for SOCOM 4. It will be just like suppression. If you die in the first minute, you will spend 6 watching you team look for the guy hiding with the bomb. Breach map and timed Objectives are the only way to make this game any better as far as the modes go. They need to change a lot of things to make the game good. They would have to remake it to make it Great.
  5. SOCOM 4 is nowhere near that good in my opinion. Like I said before if you have to play the game and learn to like it it will never be great. The great games are the ones you can't turn off. If my clan is not online I have no desire to be on the beta. Game just isn't that good.
  6. Two Beta maps aren't much different. You can catch people coming out of their spawn with nades just like in the old days.
  7. Want to tell us a little about your new clan?
  8. Never said COD was all respawn, but it is a respawn based game which is just the opposite of SOCOM. At least it was the opposite, now they are the same.
  9. Not a true statement Crusty. This game is based on repsawn meant for the COD respawn junkies. Classic was added to give us more of a SOCOM style, and they missed big time on that. Your statement is true of the past SOCOM titles, this title is far from the SOCOM we have known in the past.
  10. The guy or the two ladies in the SIG. Let's be honest Red there is a reason we like ONE2 making a post. lol
  11. xT-BlRDx

    SOCOM Beta

    They are also giving them away on facebook as well as the SOCOM forums. THey are trying to give many people a chance to play it.
  12. I agree with you Pathogen. There is no place for it in a war, things are already kind of tense and taunting is just disrespectful. When you are playing among friends, I really don't see it to be a problem. If friends can't pick on each other and still have some fun then they should evaluate their friendship. I know ID always kicks my ass and I got him with a claymore(generic COD claymore) in SOCOM 4 the other night So I had to dance! I also got 30 points for dancing. lol
  13. Hmmm I have been saying this game is just another COD knockoff. Glad someone else can see that these modes are just like COD.