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  1. With the new patch 1.5, it seems if you shot them once with the bolt action rifles, they are dead even with Heavy Armor. Yeah, its actually fun to snipe again.
  2. I meant to hit reply to the Virus Thread and instead started my own thread! LoL. When my subscription runs out, I will have to try AVG. I Googled it and there is a lot of Great Reviews. Thanks, that can save me money for more games.
  3. I like Panda for Windows and Norton for Macs
  4. I dont see why this website cannot be a CASH COW! There has to be some major traffic to this site, I will be glad to help woo Online Advertisers - Google Ads!!!!! US Military to advertise for Army, Navy, Marines & Coast Guard. Slant Six to tease us with Update 1.5, Download Content and the Next Socom. XBOX to advertise all the super duper games and how cool the grafix are... I know Lots and Lots of people who would buy TSHIRTs! Use, up charge 3-5 bucks per shirt. With a Site this busy, you might as well make some advertising Dough! We promise to CLICK on every online Ad I see! I will even hit it again via my Iphone Browser! This site, the experience of the staff, the Sweet Graphics, the community! We can SUCCEED together! It is time that SNIPER and TOW get some green, you have given up your time to build this community for us!
  5. I agree, no one better to handle it than those already doing the job NOW! And may I say doing a FLAWLESS job!
  6. On another note, your intentions are very good and admirable, but the egos in the gaming world would never let this work. Have you ever heard the old saying "Too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the soup." Thats what would probably happen if you had 9 "Leaders" of UF. THIS IS FROM NIKITA NEW REPLY TO Mikes QUOTE - My input would be to Leave the UF Site, Rules and Games AS IS. Why re-invent the wheel? We have a great staff and I would volunteer to help with EVALs, Tourney Staff or activating Forum User Accounts, what ever needs to be done to Keep the UF Wheels Spinning. That is what my 250.00 input would be.... TO KEEP UF ALIVE! Sure moving Forward we would need new Tourneys, we can have a VOTE among the 10 clans with maybe Sniper and TOW as the deciding Vote or Advisors? WE NEED A UF BAILOUT! CAN WE GET A BAILOUT!
  7. I will put in 250.00 via Paypal, we just need 9 more clans!
  8. Thank you so much for having this Tourney Site TOW and SNIPER! it has been a pleasure and an honor to play against the Best Clans of Socom. I so wish I had the money to help keep UF Alive, I would be all over it! Is there any way you can add Google Ads/ Game Stop Ads/ Game Fly Ads and Merchandise (TShirts) to the site? Can we pay a small amount via Paypal for participate on the Forums? Can we get 10-15 Clans together and buy UF together? This would so get your 2500 and a monthly income! I would volunteer up to 8-12 hours a week helping UF carry on! Thanks again TOW and SNIPER and all the UF Staff, you have been super duper! UF has taught F\F to play Socom as a Team! The way it was always meant to be played! PS - I so want a UF T-SHIRT! Thanks again guys and gals, you will be missed.
  9. Hi Savage! Thank you for all your sacrifices, miss playing with you. Changed you name on our SFF forums. Whats up Bronx, I forgot you new name was NOSTRADAMUS. Nice to see you again, check us out in US Central Ranked LoL RedOctober - Miss playing with you and ur guys too! I have been working a lot and we got a "wii", Raymans Rabbid Rabbits is FUNKYFANTASIC! Good Luck in the new tourneys... check us out at -
  10. nikita

    Two Wolves

    Good choice of words! "crap". Yet, I can get deep my brothers and sisters. On to my vast deep soul and my favorite quote - "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a little better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is the meaning of success." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  11. nikita

    Two Wolves

    Man who stands on Toilet is High on Pot. - Unknown Chinese Proverb
  12. SOTG Guys and Gals, You will be missed! Thanks for your tourneys, especially the Last Bastion Tourney. You are a great group of gamers, I am grateful to have met you guys - Savage, Dynasty & the rest of SOTG. visit us at or US Central Ranked Servers. nikita
  13. nikita


    Hi Everyone, Sounds Like I missed the action! Yet, I'm not found of hostility... Let me say! I think UF is the greatest tourney, thanks Admins for putting in so much time to create a Strategic Playground for all SocoM Lovers to Enjoy! Sorry UF Members for others disgracing your Participation in UF3 Congrats to \H/ in UF Black! Congrats and Thanks to the particpants of Lori's Watch! Best of Luck to all in UF Black II! And See you guys online this weekend! Battle on, nikita