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  1. Been around since 2002.just looking for a few players we currently have 3 spots open and we need 1 sniper.If anyone is interested please respond by pm.
  2. [h=1]PS3 INTENSAFIRE 2.0[/h]The next evolution in PS3 rapid fire controller technology is here in the form of the PS3 IntensaFire 2.0 rapid fire controller mod. The PS3 IntensaFire 2.0 controller mod adds rapid fire capability to any PS3 controller with plug & play simplicity. The PS3 IntensaFire 2.0 delivers blistering fast rates of fire and lightning quick reloads and exclusive new features such as the sniper double tap and Battlefield 3 auto tagging. Ease of use coupled with simplistic installation makes the PS3 IntensaFire an excellent choice for gamers of all experience levels seeking the best PS3 rapid fire controller on the market today. The PS3 IntensaFire 2.0 rapid fire controller mod is compatible with all games and ships with pre-programmed rapid fire modes optimized for the entire Call of Duty® series including Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3. The best part about the IntensaFire for PS3 rapid fire mod is that it is 100% undetectable and compatible with the DualShock 3 controller you are so accustomed to. This means you do not have to adapt to a new controller design just to enjoy the benefits of rapid fire functionality. Use of such a device is immediate grounds for removal from UF and in the case of Live events immediate dismissal from the event and no refunds given.
  3. As many of you know, Sniper is one of the original creators of Urgent Fury and the man behind the original artwork... check out this book he has published. The book that my little niece wrote and that I illustrated is now available on Amazon for FREE for a limited time. It will be free starting today until next Wednesday (2/16 - 2/20) There are 2 free bonuses. A pdf coloring book and an MP3 audio read-a-long that was voiced over by former Commander Fury. The download links are at the end of the book. It's a Kindle book but you don't need a Kindle. After "purchase", you can read it right on the computer using the cloud reader. So if any of you have any small kids or grand kids or just want to help us out, we'd appreciate a review. Thanks! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BA0704S http://ravenfirepublishing.com
  4. What's up guys. Been busy the past couple years but should be slowing down a bit, figured I would get back into it. Wondering if the old timers are still around. Obviously Sniper is, but Chief, Wrath, Rav, Gator, Rock, Demo? Hope you're all still here and doing well. Shoot me a pm or something and let me know what's up. -X- Ps. Sniper, the site looks awesome. What a difference from the first one.
  5. While the Lucas Oil Stadium was crammed with fans watching the biggest sporting event of the year on Sunday, there was also at least one well-equipped sniper in attendance. These pictures started circulating Tuesday night, and though speculation about their authenticity lingers, the original source has confirmed with me they are genuine. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/these-pictures-of-the-xm-210-sniper-rifle-2012-2#ixzz1lr4Vzehj
  6. I thought some of you guys would find this interesting... I'm just giving a link to the article. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/this-navy-seal-sniper-is-the-deadliest-in-u-s-history-can-you-guess-his-longest-shot/
  7. When we reinvented our site we used new sigs that i created.. this is my first sig.. so dont laugh... I hope to get better with time!
  8. Thanks to the guys over at Call of Duty Community!! The Modern Warfare 3 weapon list you’re about to read consists fully from released trailers. The weapon list will be update / corrected when new information surfaces. Assault Rifles M4A1 M16A4 SCAR-L CM901 TYPE 95 (Unlocked at Command Sergeant Major – level 32) G36C (Unlocked at Captain – level 42) ACR 6.8 (Unlocked at Colonel – level 50) MK14 (Unlocked at Major General II – level 60) AK-47 (Unlocked at General II – level 68 ) FAD (Unlocked at Commander – level 78 ) Launchers Javelin M320 GLM RPG SMAW Stinger XM25 Light Machine Guns (LMGs) L86 LSW MG36 PKP Pecheneg MK46 (Unlocked at Brigadier General – level 54) M60E4 (Unlocked at Commander – level 72) Handguns USP .45 P99 MP412 .44 Magnum Five seveN Desert Eagle Machine Pistols FMG 9 MP 9 Skorpion G18 Shotguns USAS 12 KSG 12 SPAS-12 AA-12 Striker Model 1887 Sniper Rifles Barrett .50 cal L118A Dragunov AS50 RSASS (Unlocked at Major – level 44) MSR (Unlocked at General – level 66) Submachine Guns (SMGs) MP5 UMP45 PP90M1 P90 (Unlocked at First Lieutenant – level 38 ) PM-9 (Unlocked at Brigadier General II – level 56) MP7 (Unlocked at Commander – level 74) Other Riot Shield Attachments Red Dot Sight (Precision sight) Silencer (Invisible on radar when firing) Akimbo (Hip fire 2 weapons) Grenade Launcher (Undermounted grenade launcher) Heartbeat Sensor (Track enemy locations) Rapid Fire (Increased fire rate) ACOG Sight (Enhanced zoom ACOG scope) HAMR Scope (3x scope with attached reflex sight) Hybrid Sight (4x scope with attached reflex sight) Shotgun (Undermounted shotgun attachment) Holographic Sight (Holographic sight) Extended Mags (Extended magazines) Thermal Lethal Frag (Cookable frag grenades) Semtex (Timed sticky explosives) Throwing Knife (Throw it and pick it back up) Bouncing Betty (Unlocked at 2nd Lieutenant III – level 37) Claymore (Unlocked at Colonel III – level 53) C4 (Unlocked at General III – level 63) Proficiency Kick (Reduce recoil when firing) Range (Increase effective weapon range) Damage (Shells do more damage – Shotguns only) Impact (Bullets carry more damage through materials) Attachments (2 attachments can be added to a weapon) Focus (Reduced flinch when hit) Melee (Faster melee – Riot Shield Only) Breath (Hold breath while aiming down the sights) Stability (Reduced weapon sway while aiming down the sights) Speed (Increased movement speed when using this weapon – LMG and Sniper Rifles only) Tactical Flash Grenade (Temporarily blind enemies) Concussion Grenade (Temporarily disorient and slow enemies) Scrambler (A deployable that jams enemy radar based on proximity) EMP Grenade (Destroy enemy equipment and electronics) Smoke Grenade (Temporarily create a smoke screen) Trophy System (Unlocked at Major I – level 54) Tactical Insertion (Unlocked at General III – level 61) Portable Radar (Unlocked at Commander – level 77)
  9. Whats up fellas and ladies? its been a long ass time since ive been on here.... sorry The Navy got me Busy as shit...got a lot on my plate but i heard Tow and Sniper sold UF and a bunch of other things? wow alots changed...for the better i hope...so...how is everyone?
  10. you know theres alot of snipers that are really good on this site and i thought it would be cool to make a thread and just tell sniping stories share sniping tricks what are the best spots to snipe from wut scopes to use on what maps ect so just any snipers out there just share a story or some info
  11. URGENT FURY ELECTRIC?!!?!!?!!? You cant fool us with your name change.. that logo is far too iconic haha
  12. i think after all these years we should be able to pull this together to keep the honor of tow and sniper together .... whos ready to step up ... this is a lot of members home ,,,lets keep it ..
  13. Everyone come by and visit our new site, produced by Kingdom Interactive ( Sniper and Tow ). http://www.clanbluntforce.com Your comments are welcome!!! STOP BY NOW!!
  14. If anyone could help me creat a sig that would be awesome. I know Uncle-Sid does some really good work. Something along the lines of tactical gamer. I do a lot with the M4 or a sniper if that helps. Preferrably black and grey colors with [TOG] written in. i.e. TOG F.O.G. CO along the bottom? I appreciate it guys. Email me or post it if your willing. V/R, USCG_sierra179
  15. Tow, Sniper, Admins, this is the first BIG Socom Tacmap since, POW. POW had its own download/graphic kit, and i was just curious to see if Chain Reaction would be getting its own. ;D
  16. I know, we usually don't post these, but Sniper is over here more than he is at RVN. Wanted to make sure you got the message old man.
  17. Sniper started a post awhile back. FREE PORN!! Don't worry, it is work safe until you click the button. http://drunkfriends.com/quickies/freesex.html
  18. I know you can save different profiles in SOCOM. I.E, If you want an heavy armor profile or a sniper profile, you can save those. My questions is, how do you access those once your in a match? How do you change from to another?
  19. So are all of our Texans doing ok after Ike hit last night? I talked with Sniper yesterday and he said that he shouldn't be in the areas that were going to be affected. Clans have players from just about every corner of the US, so I hope everyone's players in TX are doing ok. Reading stories this morning about those who did not want to evacuate and it's not painting a pretty picture.
  20. I want to wish all those who on the Southern Texas Coast, and everywhere that IKE is intended to land...much Safety and Security of themselves, and their families. We all know that 'Sniper' is in that area, so I would just like to let them, know that we are all here for them...
  21. Once Socom comes out it is going to be CoD4 still, or Team Fortress 2, or World at War, etc.. I would love to get TF2 going here. anyone else.? Meet the Sniper - http://www.gametrailers.com/player/35246.html Meet the Demoman - http://www.gametrailers.com/player/26152.html Meet the Engineer - http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/146969.html Meet the Soldier - http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/146970.html Meet Heavy - http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/146954.html Gameplay -
  22. Guys, I just got off the phone with Maverick and we have a serious issue. He said Undertow was lagging REALLY bad playing bags and Sniper tried to speak up but his mic wasn't working so he didn't know what he was saying. Mav has it all on tape, so the proof will posted soon.
  23. Guest

    Tow and Sniper!

    This is how hard they work for this site! here they are trying to come up with the UF4 theme song. ;D http://www.yourdailymedia.com/media/1180970123/2_On_1_Guitar

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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