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  1. who do i contact in case of issues?

  2. Sorry to hear that Joe I know you had alot of trouble making that choice because when you was with WDA you talked alot about wanting to be on the staff of UF. Good luck and i hope things get better for you...
  3. WillieWav

    PSN Down??

    PS Blog just comfirmed hacker... It's been 2 days already!
  4. Willie there will be a few things that will keep us busy on SOCOM. I'm pretty sure there'll be a "tourneyment" or two. We're constantly developing tournaments and we'll have some fun things coming soon.

  5. Hey Andy I know we missed the UF Black that is currently underway . Will there be any more UF socom tourneyments from now til new one comes out (March) ??

  6. I'm the leader of the WDA and we are a non glitching clan so stop by our website !

  7. The Cowboys threw that game. The Eagles defence was scoreing more than their offence. Toward the end of the game i swore Romo asked the ref to throw a flag on him after throwing the ball away. It dont matter much to me since my team made it to the play-off's.. GO PANTHERS!
  8. To me it looked like he slipped into a elbow of a upper-cut. If i was there for the main event i would demand my money back. I think the Ref called it way to soon! I watched it to see Shamrock fight and he didnt fight because of a little cut above the eye. 10 years ago he would have still jumped in that ring even with a broken bone maybe he just to old now to fight now. My wife & I have been to 3 fights in the past year and the main event seems to end the same way!