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  1. I'm glad we're not blowing assholes right now because my hemorrhoids are flaring up something FIERCE!
  2. This thread had me excited in a warm, secure way until I read the part about my asshole being blown away...I guess I'm still excited in an apprehensive way?
  3. Junk just have a three some with her and your wife already!! Problem solved.
  4. As most of you I grew of with the original series. In my opinion it was almost unfair to use the original as a way of measuring this two hour Ford advertisement. I blame the writers, which were back-ups because of the strike. I tuned in with high hopes but only managed a small ejaculation upon hearing the theme song. I hope, no I wish all the advertising was droppped on us like the A-BOMB so we could tune in and NBC would have no choice but to make it a series but with better material. I hope I win the Mustang in the sweeptakes!
  5. Pvt.-Jackson


    Great F'n story! Wanted to cry but was at work, told everyone allergies were getting to me.
  6. I believe the 60 is, but if I'm not mistaken you may purchase the 40 gb and then download something that will allow you to play PS2 games. This was told to and not read somewhere so it may not hold much water.
  7. Lions, Tigers and bears? Oh my....count me in if I can bring my friend. I also play with Tiger Woods' brother quite often, Inda Woods.
  8. If my team would have been undefeated I would have boasted just like Street if not more. Give'm a break he was the first to post the Pats choked. I have to admit I hate the Giants more than any other team in any sport, but Eli earned a hell of alot of respect from me last night. The hungrier team won last night and it'll be interesting to see what the Pats do with their defense. They have the 7th pick in the first round! Moss is a free agent, they have to make the right moves or they'll be rebuilding before you know it. Man I know how I felt in 04 when you guys beat us Street, but look at that little guy walking around your living room that's what it's all bout bro.
  9. Brady sporting a cast on his right ankle, LMAO. Vegas needed something to even up the odds I guess. I'll stay with the over/under.
  10. My wife is from Beaumont, well actually she's from Port Neches. But did y'all know that the motion picture of the year starring Keving Bacon, "Footloose" was set in the city of Beaumont? This is an interesting test from Warner because if you think about how many hours do you use your high speed per day? I would like to know.
  11. That's what SHE said! ( Q in infamous after dumb joke drum roll)
  12. Little too big, but I can fix that, thanks Red!
  13. I have a question rather than a request. I finally started playing around with this program I got with my Rebel XTi. It's definately not PhotShop, I forgot the name but I did manage to make another sig. Now how do I paste my saved sig which is in "My Documents" to my profile here. I know before I had to copy and paste the html address but the one I just made doesn't have one or rather I cant find it. I'm at work right now and I dont have remote access but all your input would surely be appreciated.
  14. I know you're american, but where are your ancestors from? With your first and last name I can't imagine you hailing from anywhere but Ireland. Maybe Scotland? You sure do got the temper though. :-X
  15. Street my hard headed Irish friend, what I meant with the whole kicker thing was that Montana and any other QB who did not rely on his kicker to win him his Superbowls should be listed ahead of Brady if you categorizing them as the "GREATEST". I'm not denying that Brady is a GREAT qb, but the greatest ever? Non of us will ever know because we are not immortal. Greatest of our era? He's surely getting up there.